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Bahrain: Hiding the truth?

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  • Bahrain: Hiding the truth?

    SALMANIYA Medical Complex (SMC) officials were yesterday accused of hiding the fact that Bahrain's latest sickle cell victim also suffered from H1N1.

    Sickle cell campaigners made the accusation after it emerged from a blood test done on the day Manal Ahmed Hassan, 31, had died that she suffered from Swine Flu A.

    "After her death, we were told by some SMC staff that Manal had been diagnosed with H1N1 just before she died," said Bahrain Society for Sickle Cell Anaemia Patient Care chairman Zakareya Ebrahim Al Kadhem.

    "We decided to investigate further and we now have a report which confirms that this was the case.

    "If she had been diagnosed with H1N1, the family should have been informed by the doctors immediately and she should have been moved into isolation.

    "The family are shocked now that they know Manal had H1N1.

    "They had believed so far she died of sickle cell complications."

    Ms Hassan, from Karannah, was brought to the SMC on October 16 and was in the Accident and Emergency Department's Resuscitation Room (RR) for two days.

    Her family was allegedly told that there was no room in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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    Re: Bahrain: Hiding the truth?
    Written By: ameilia on November 5, 2010 0

    AN investigation will be launched into allegations that a swine flu sufferer was treated along with other patients at the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), it emerged yesterday.

    Health officials have pledged to carry out a full investigation into the case reported at the SMC Accident and Emergency Department?s Resuscitation Room (RR) last month.

    Bahrain?s latest sickle cell diseases victim, Manal Ahmed Hassan, 31, had died on October 18 while undergoing treatment.

    However, it emerged later she was suffering from H1N1 with her husband and campaigners claiming they were not informed about her condition.

    They say that she was treated for two days in the RR, posing a potential threat to other patients.

    ?This is a serious allegation and will be investigated thoroughly,? said a senior official, who did not want to be named.

    ?If this is true, it is a gross violation of not only patient rights but also hospital rules and medical ethics.

    ?We will conduct a full internal investigation but would encourage the patient?s family to file a formal complaint.

    ?We are also internally investigating whether there was any deficiency in the patient?s treatment while she was at the hospital.

    ?A formal investigation will be conducted after a formal complaint is filed.?