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Azerbaijani solder dies of hemorrhagic disease, not H1N1 vaccine

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  • Azerbaijani solder dies of hemorrhagic disease, not H1N1 vaccine

    Azerbaijani army soldier dies
    Tue 09 February 2010 | 08:51 GMT Text size:

    Azerbaijani army soldier died in the result of inflammatory disease.

    Azerbaijan National Army soldier Ibrahim Aliyev died in the result of complications caused by a severe inflammatory disease according to preliminary medical conclusion, spokesman for the Defense Ministry Abbas Shirinov told Tuesday.

    Aliyev was recruited by military commissariat of the Jalilabad region in early January.

    The spokesman for the Defense Ministry dismissed reports that the soldier died of anti-swine flu vaccination.

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    An Azerbaijani Interior Troops soldier died from a disease December 25. Based on a preliminary medical report, Azerbaijani soldier Ibrahim Aliyev died of acute inflammation accompanied by hemorrhage, employee of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry's pres service Abbas Shirinov said. Aliyev enlisted from the Jalilabad Military Commissariat in January. The source refuted the information about that the soldier died because of the vaccine against swine flu.

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    Re: Azerbaijani solder dies of hemorrhagic disease, not H1N1 vaccine

    One of those situations where I have no clue where to post the thread - if someone has a better place, place move it.

    With respect to the undiagnosed illness, leptospirosis comes to mind, as does CCHF. With five weeks having past since the death, it does not seem to be something highly transmissible as no other cases have been reported. It is also possible that this could be an unreported H1N1 death. The description is just too sketchy. By the tone of the articles, I'm not sure the authorities even care what the cause of the death was, as long as it wasn't vaccine-linked. It is even possible that this is the result of some kind of non-infectious illness (liver failure?).

    Actually, the two articles above have a small discrepancy - one says he died December 25, and both say he joined the army in January. That's not possible, and raises doubts as to the quality of the above information.