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Armenia: 170 cases of H1N1 flu - 18 deaths

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  • Armenia: 170 cases of H1N1 flu - 18 deaths

    YEREVAN, January 8. /ARKA/. Twenty-seven cases of influenza caused by H1N1 virus subtype (swine flu) were reported to Armenian health authorities in the last few days, health minister Armen Muradyan said earlier this week.

    According to him, representatives of all vulnerable groups have been vaccinated to prevent the spread of the disease. Overall, more than 350 cases of acute respiratory infections, 67 of which accompanied by pneumonia were registered in the first days of the new year. During New Year holidays about 800 calls were made daily for ambulance.

    The minister said also 24 pregnant women with acute respiratory diseases were hospitalized, five of them with pneumonia, unfortunately, one pregnant woman with pneumonia died because a dramatic worsening of the disease and late appeal for medical help.
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    Winter school holidays in Armenia extended until January 18

    YEREVAN, January 8. /ARKA/. Acting on a request of the Armenian health ministry, education and science minister Armen Ashotyan has ordered to extend secondary and vocational schools winter holidays until January 18.

    According to health authorities, the number of reported cases of acute respiratory diseases has surged and some 515 people, 126 with pneumonia were hospitalized and dozens of cases caused by H1N1 virus subtype (swine flu) were registered also.

    Writing in Facebook education minister Ashotyan said to fill the gap the schools will be asked to conduct extra classes.

    In a related development defense minister Seyran Ohanyan told the prime minister during a meeting earlier this week that the epidemiological situation in the armed forces was under control. He added that nine cases of pneumonia were detected and all the servicemen were under proper supervision. -0-


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      One more victim of virus H1N1 in Armenia

      In the Yerevan college of surgery it. Микаеляна from the complications caused by a sharp respiratory infection by virus H1N1, has last night died the man. As Armenia ' passes ' News, on it has informed the press-secretary of Minister of Health Anait Ajtajan.


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        Death toll from swine flu in Armenia rises to six

        YEREVAN, January 11. /ARKA/. Six people in Armenia have died of H1N1 swine flu virus, Anahit Haytayan, a representative of the ministry of health, said today. She said thee people had died in December last year and the other three this year.

        According to the ministry of health, as of January 9, there were 662 registered cases of hospitalization of patients with symptoms of acute respiratory infections, including 219 with pneumonia. The ministry specified that 85 were pregnant women, 20 of whom had pneumonia.

        Also 83 patients were in intensive care units and 8 were diagnosed with swine flu having affected their lungs.


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          855 people receive treatment against sharp respiratory infections

          YEREVAN, JANUARY 11, ARMENPRESS. At this moment 855 people receive treatment against sharp respiratory infections in medical centers of the Republic. “Armenpress” reports that according to Deputy Health Minister Vahan Poghosyan, the treatment of the patients is under direct supervision of Minister Armen Muradyan.
          “There are children and pregnant women among the 855 patients. The number of pregnant women is 101, children are 672. H1N1 infection has been confirmed for 177 patients. 11 patients are in severe condition who are currently in intensive care unit and are switched to breathing apparatuses. H1N1 virus has been confirmed for 4 of them”, Vahan Poghosyan said, adding that there is no need to panic.
          “The public should not panic. The working group set by the Health Ministry keeps the situation under control”, Poghosyan said.


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            170 cases of swine flu registered in Armenia

            170 cases of the H1N1 influenza were confirmed today in Armenia, which is also known as swine flu.
            "Four patients are in critical condition and they are in intensive care units. Six deaths from the H1N1 influenza were registered in late 2015 and in early 2016,'' the deputy head of the Ministry of Health Vahan Poghosyan informed.
            According to officials, the majority of patients are not even aware of their diagnosis and have already recovered.
            It is known that an ill person hardly feels the difference between different types of viruses. Doctors are interested in differences of viruses, Trend reports.



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              Seven confirmed dead of swine flu in Armenia

              Seven have been confirmed dead of swine flu in Armenia.
              The Erebuni Medical Center confirmed the death of a young woman this morning.
              Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health reports decrease in the number of patients diagnosed with pneumonia.
              The Ministry said in a statement today that fewer patients remain at intensive care units.
              At the same time, the level of acute respiratory infections in children remains the same.



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                School holidays may be prolonged for another week because of flu

                YEREVAN, January 12. / ARKA / Armenian education and science ministry may extend winter school holidays for another week after having extended them until January 18, due to increased cases of acute respiratory diseases and influenza, the chief infectiologist Ara Asoyan told during a televised interview with Shant TV.

                "We will be monitoring the situation until Friday to decide whether to ask the ministry of education and science to extend the holidays for another week,' said Asoyan.



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                  Ambulance Service Head: Unprecedented number of calls during holidays

                  During the New Year holiday season 1,659 out of 9,611 registered ambulance calls were due to acute respiratory viruses and 10 of those infected patients were taken to hospital, Taguhi Stepanyan, the head of the Ambulance CJSC, told media on January 12. “People generally applied to doctors to have their lungs checked,” she said.

                  Since October seven people have died as a result of widespread acute respiratory viruses, particularly the H1N1 virus (better known as swine flu). The latest death was reported at Yerevan’s Erebuni hospital on Tuesday morning and the victim is said to be a young woman.
                  Recently, the number of people hospitalized because of respiratory infections reached 885, of whom 85 were pregnant women.

                  However, the Health Ministry said in a statement that there is no swine flu epidemic in Armenia, and outpatient clinics and medical institutions are equipped with all the necessary medicines and facilities.

                  The head of the Ambulance CJSC says that the number of calls registered during the holiday season was unprecedented. It has exceeded the number of last year’s calls during the same period of time by 830. As a result, they did not manage to visit all the patients who made the calls.



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                    8th victim of swine flu in Armenia is 10-month-old baby
                    20:17, 12.01.2016

                    YEREVAN. - A 10-month-old baby with cancer, who was also diagnosed with swine flu H1N1, died at “Surb Astvatsamayr” Medical Center in Yerevan today. The medical center confirmed this information by Armenian

                    Armenia swine flu claims 10th victim
                    13:39, 13.01.2016

                    YEREVAN. – The tenth Influenza A (H1N1)-, or swine flu-, related death was recorded Wednesday in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

                    “A 41-year-old man in critical condition [had] applied for medical assistance a week after the emergence of the illness,” spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Anahit Haytayan, wrote on her Facebook account. “[But] the ten-day efforts by the specialists yielded no results.”

                    This is Wednesday’s second swine flu-related death in Armenia.

                    As reported earlier, Rafik Vardanyan, 50, who was diagnosed with the H1N1 and was connected to an artificial respiration apparatus, lost his life early Wednesday morning at Saint Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center in Yerevan.
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                      “Rafik Vardanyan, 50, died definitely from H1N1 and Araksia Danielyan, a woman that recently gave birth to a baby, died probably from swine flu,” Arthur Tigranyan a doctor at Saint Grigor Lusavoprich Medical Center is quoted by the news agency as saying.
                      In his words, they suffered from no other diseases.

                      According to the official data received, there were 799 patients with acute respiratory diseases on Tuesday against 855 reported one day earlier.
                      Ten people have been died in Armenia from H1N1 virus.



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                        Swine flu claims one more life in Armenia as death toll reaches 11

                        PanARMENIAN.Net - H1N1 swine flu virus has claimed one more life in Armenia, a representative of Erebuni medical center, Shushan Hunanyan, said Wednesday, January 13.
                        Diagnosed with severe heart failure and diabetes, 58-year-old Astghik Manvelyan was hospitalized on January 11, Aravot reports.
                        Two more people died of H1N1 swine flu virus in Armenia on January 13, 5 more having passed away earlier this year and 3 others in December, 2015.
                        11 people have died from the virus overall.



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                          92 people receive influenza treatment in intensive care units: Armenia Healthcare Ministry

                          YEREVAN, JANUARY 14, ARMENPRESS. The number of requests for inpatient treatment connected with acute respiratory infections amounted to 948 (796 of those aged 0-18) as of 10:00 am, January 14. As “Armenpress” was informed by the Republic of Armenia Healthcare Ministry, 422 (199 of those aged 0-18) have been hospitalized with pneumonia. 144 pregnant women have been hospitalized with acute respiratory infections and pneumonia. 92 patients are currently in intensive care units.
                          A woman, born in 1954, died in Erebouni Medical Center on January 13. The latter suffered from ischemic heart disease, as well as pancreatic diabetes. The woman was diagnosed with H1N1 subtype of Influenza A.
                          The parturient who died in "Saint Gregory the Illuminator" Medical Center was not diagnosed with H1N1 subtype of Influenza A. The condition of the 28-month-pregnant woman who had undergone
                          Caesarean operation had been severe for a long time.
                          11 cases of death from H1N1 were registered, 3 of them in 2015.


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                            Swine Flu Update: School vacation to be extended again

                            Upon recommendations from the country’s health authorities, schoolchildren in Armenia will be allowed to stay at home for another week beginning January 18.

                            It is hoped that the measure will help better cope with the latest outbreak of the dangerous H1N1 swine flu virus that has already killed 11 people, including at least one child, since late last year.

                            At a government meeting on Thursday, Health Minister Armen Muradyan suggested that the winter break at pre-school and schools of general education be extended till January 25. Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan instructed Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan to act upon the recommendation.

                            Ashotyan had already ordered a one-week extension of the winter holidays for schools last week.

                            While about eight dozen people still remain at hospitals’ intensive care units with swine flu and other less severe respiratory diseases, healthcare officials in Armenia speak about a “stabilizing” situation and register a certain decline in the rate of the disease.

                            Throughout the latest H1N1 outbreak Armenia’s Ministry of Health has stopped short of describing the situation as an epidemic.



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                              The new data. Update 15.01.16

                              On January 15, data compiled by applying acute respiratory infections in 992 cases, of which 873 were aged 18 or younger. 502 patient about the disease progressing to pneumonia. 231 of them were under 18 years old. 121 pregnant patient is receiving treatment. Being treated in intensive care units in 98 patients with acute respiratory infections. Of these, 9 are connected to an artificial respiration device.

                              We regret to inform you that, despite the hard struggle in intensive care units recorded in the patient's death H1N1 infection, which was adopted on January 13 medical centers in the late critical condition. Both had chronic diseases like diabetes, cardio-pulmonary insufficiency. Enabled by artificial breathing device.

                              Shortly before the patient received news of another death. He did not apply from January 1, being sick care. Hospital on January 9 to apply only in extremely critical condition.

                              Note that the H1N1 virus was reported in 14 cases of death, of which 3 were in 2015.
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