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UAE - Increased asthma and respiratory disorders in emergency rooms due to dust storm - May 15, 2018

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  • UAE - Increased asthma and respiratory disorders in emergency rooms due to dust storm - May 15, 2018

    Increased asthma incidence on emergency sections due to dust in Abu Dhabi

    May 15, 2018
    emergency departments in a number of hospitals in Abu Dhabi have received a number of cases resulting from exposure to dust and dust, which the country is experiencing these days, most of which are due to asthma, allergies and respiratory disorders.
    A number of doctors in emergency departments at Abu Dhabi hospitals confirmed that 30% of the children admitted to the hospital's emergency department had to stay in hospital due to exposure to wind and dust, which caused respiratory irritation and increased the chances of respiratory disorders Asthma and asthma.
    Doctors warned patients with respiratory diseases, such as asthma and allergies, from exposure to dust and dust in the weather, which is one of the most important triggers of asthma attacks, wearing masks as a kind of prevention and commitment to take treatment at times to reduce the possibility of negative complications.
    "We have seen an increase in the number of children admitted to the emergency department, with 30 percent suffering from respiratory problems and chronic lung disease," said Sarah Hashim, a pediatric emergency specialist at a hospital in Abu Dhabi. 50%, between 2 and 11 years of age. During the last two days, the department received 12 cases of oxygen deficiency due to severe narrowing of the airways.
    She called for children not to be left to play in the open spaces during the current weather fluctuations. She also called for an end to the sports activities of the injured children as they contribute to the aggravation of the situation.
    Dr. Ayman Debish, an emergency specialist in Abu Dhabi, explained that dust and dust carry many harmful substances that increase the sensitivity of the nose, eyes and asthma crises, as well as some bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory problems as a result of viral infections. On normal days when the weather is stable, and 60% of those with respiratory problems are children, where children are more affected than adults in volatile weather conditions.
    She pointed out that 15% of the children received by the emergency department in the hospital called for their condition to stay, and return to those who have problems with the lung or lack of oxygen to the lung due to respiratory failure, and put them on the ventilator, and cases that called to stay in The hospital has children who have asthma attacks, because they need to take the ammunition every 4 hours that contribute to the expansion of the bronchial tubes, as well as the use of antibiotics for people with pneumonia.
    For his part, Dr. Shukr Heirb, a specialist in emergency medicine in Abu Dhabi, said that the chance of asthma and chronic lung diseases increases with the change of weather and the spread of dust in the atmosphere. He pointed out that the incidence of respiratory diseases increased by a small percentage on normal days not exceeding 10% Chronic and asthma patients, noting that he has observed through his work for years in the Emergency Department the decrease in the overall rate of respiratory patients for winter this year, compared to previous years, and believes that the reason is due to increased awareness of individuals in ways of prevention and adherence to medical instructions.
    He stressed that the asthma patient does not increase the doses of the drug on its own during the periods of dust spread, without referring to a specialist doctor and adherence to prescribed doses, pointing out that asthma patients are given (antihistamines) and inhaled inhalation containing (cortisone), to contribute to the prevention of setbacks.