Source: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page in Arabic (automatic translation):

Health train employees on safety and emergency plans

June 3 2013

Within the plan of the General Administration of security and safety at the Ministry of Health for the rehabilitation and training of the staff of the Ministry of Health on safety applications and contingency plans were established administration recently two training sessions geared to supervisors safety in hospitals and personnel departments rays, which was attended by 40 trainees representing hospitals from all regions of the Kingdom, such as the cities of King Fahd and Saud الطبيتين Center Prince Salman Kidney Transplantation in Riyadh in addition to the 13 employees of the Hospital and Medical Center from 9 different regions and provinces of the Kingdom.

Ibrahim concealed two days of lectures which he addressed to talk about crises and disasters both internal and external health facilities and how to manage them as well as to plan the disposal of emergency crews and supervisors of safety within hospitals to receive cases and classified to help the medical staff in the Offered First Aid.

The second session was entitled hazardous material management in hospitals - HAZMAT in Hospitals) and included the types of radiation and means of protection from the risk of radioactive materials and their impact on human health and the environment, has also been addressed to hazardous substances and control system of accidents, and the use of personal protective equipment and decontamination and risk assessment and ways to deal with medical waste.

He m. Zaid that this course comes in the framework of the ministry's preparations for the assessment of hospitals by the Central Council for Accreditation of health facilities, where these sessions is the first of their kind in the activities of the General Administration of security and safety which was formed through the new organizational structure of the Ministry.

The m. Zaid, the ministry's efforts to raise the level of safety at its facilities through two main hubs ongoing training and follow-up, where he was a strategic plan to achieve the goal.