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Sewage odor emitted from Dhahran hospital south

One of the openings to the water cycle in the hospital

Dhahran South: veli palatini Qahtani 2012-12-03 11:04 PM
Grumbled a number of auditors Clinics Hospital Dhahran South Asir there slots open in the sewer, located in the middle of the hospital, and pose a threat to young people when they enter the toilets without their parents, as well as odors emitted from within, adding that the openings have become a dumping ground for waste and attractive environment for Macairobac.
, explained 'Ali Hassan that this gap serious fall in the middle of the hospital and between clinics in corridor hospital officials from administrators and doctors without stirring it in them still, demanding to intensify security at the entrances to the emergency hospital due to the accumulation of numbers car reviewers at the entrance to emergency hospital At times, thereby hindering the arrival of ambulances coming to the hospital.