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Unidentified febrile illnesses, children, Baku

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  • Unidentified febrile illnesses, children, Baku

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    Issue Archive 20100831.121444
    Publication date 31-Aug-2010
    Subject PRO / RUS> infection (febrile syndrome) - Azerbaijan (Baku)

    Infection (febrile syndrome) - Azerbaijan (Baku)
    ************************************************** *****

    Date: August 31, 2010
    From: ProMED-mail Maud HP
    Source: TREND.AZ, August 30, 2010 [Mod.NR]
    В информационное агентство Trend Life поступают тревожные звонки родителей, жалующихся на резкое ухудшение состояния здоровья детей. По их мнению у детей наблюдаются тяжелые симптомы, напоминающие ангину: покраснение глаз, температура 39 и 39,5, не спадающая в течение трех дней, несмотря на принимаемые лекарства. Наблюдается расстройство желудка, со слизисто зеленовато-черноватым выделением. Даже лекарственная смесь димедрол, новокаин и анальгин не снижает температуру.

    In Baku, the infection spreads among children - severe symptoms
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------

    Azerbaijan, Baku, 30 August / corr. Trend Life Zarina Akhmedova /
    In the News Agency Trend Life There is an alarming parents, complaining of a sharp
    deterioration of the health of children. According to them children develop severe symptoms resembling
    angina: red eyes, a temperature of 39 and 39.5, do not subside within three days, despite
    taking medications. There was an upset stomach, the mucous greenish-blackish selection
    Even shock-drug mixture (diphenhydramine, procaine and analgine) does not reduce the temperature.
    Acute outbreaks of respiratory and infectious diseases in the late summer in Baku has not been reported
    Trend Life in the Republican Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology.
    "According to the second month of summer, the situation in the respiratory field in Baku is very quiet, there was
    revealed sharp bursts of infections and viruses, "- said the deputy director of the Centre Svetlana Zmitrovich.
    In July, in Baku, the number of appeals in relation to respiratory diseases received 7077.
    According to her, the same situation should be in August, almost identical to the respiratory situation
    should be observed in August. However, data on morbidity in August will be published in early
    September, she added.
    However, according to the candidate of medical sciences, Professor Aydin Mammadov, in August, can not
    exclude spread of colds and infections.
    "The heat, drafts, receiving a cold shower and cool drinks, contribute to the activation of cold
    , "-" Mammadov said. - "well chilled drinks can cause very serious
    According to him, in the hot season of colds and infectious diseases are much harder to endure.
    However, information from the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, last month of summer particularly dangerous manifestation of acute
    intestinal infections.

    In the absence of basic hygiene arise and spread such dangerous for the organism, especially
    for children's diseases as dysentery, typhoid fever, diarrhea, infectious diseases chief said MOH
    Namik Aliyev.

    [Comment Maud HP. Information about the outbreak of disease - controversial. On the one hand
    Parents are informed of the inexplicable feverish syndrome, on the other hand Sanitary Service
    Epidemiology and Hygiene denies illness. It should be noted in the article refers to the methods
    lowering the temperature, which do not conform to the principles of evidence-based medicine. - Mod NR]

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    Re: Unidentified febrile illnesses, children, Baku reports in its interactive Maps page Sporadic influenza acitivity for most of Russian Federation regions and in neighboring Armenia ( ).