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Saudi Arabia - Egyptian worker suspected source of dengue outbreak in Jazan

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  • Saudi Arabia - Egyptian worker suspected source of dengue outbreak in Jazan

    machine translation -

    Injured workers in the Jazan project displaced dengue fever

    Dengue fever were infected Tnoima Hospital Samtah

    Samtah: Abdullah Ekor 2011-12-14 1:35 AM
    Worker was one of the companies implementing the housing project displaced Dihamh village in Jazan region, with symptoms of dengue fever.
    Posed for a joint committee of environmental sanitation and municipal police and conservative in Samtah housing workers within the company, yesterday, and found the spread of epidemics as a result of leakage of water, sanitation and hygiene for the absence of the temporary workers' housing project here on the ground.
    The architect of the project - who preferred anonymity - that the project is more than a year under the supervision of consultants was to take all safety measures required, noting that the injury to a resident came from outside the region, predicted to be causing the transmission of the disease for many workers.
    For his part, media spokesman for the health of Jazan Siraj Omar, in a press statement yesterday, injuring Egypt (25 years), living in housing working-timer draft housing charity Bdihamh's 700 workers, explaining that the symptoms appeared immediately after two days of the arrival of the Holy City, which likely to be infected there.
    He pointed out that the SE range of preventive and precautionary measures taken, including the Report the case to the competent authorities, and the Secretariat of Agriculture and the National Center for disease vectors, and conducted exploration work and select the type of insecticide mosquito spraying operations carried out by the authorities concerned.
    Furthermore, the Assistant Secretary of the Jazan region for public relations and media Aidaroos Rod Prince and the communication of the existence of cases of suspicion of hypnotic state hospital Samtah General of Egyptian and other hospital Twal of Yemen.

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    Re: Saudi Arabia - Egyptian worker suspected source of dengue outbreak in Jazan

    Unsanitary conditions cited.

    machine translation -

    committee to address the environmental situation and health after dengue fever Jazan

    Hidden kitchen prepared meals for workers

    Samtah: Abdullah Ekor 2011-12-15 12:44 AM
    The face of Governor Samtah Dr. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Jerioa, the formation of a committee of management of environmental sanitation and the number of government agencies to maintain to track the status of workers' housing project Dihamh to house the displaced, as the face to remove irregularities of order and correct the environmental situation after the emergence of human cases of dengue fever.
    and made ​​"home" during the entry headquarters housing the company's labor of the project of housing, many of the violations on the ground, where it became clear the collapse of part of the wall of orchard sanitation, which led to the spread of odors, in addition to not covering manholes for water sanitation and the spread of waste and the remains of food on the Workers' Housing the timer.
    According to a member of the Committee who preferred anonymity, the Committee started the site and observed many irregularities in the seat housing, pointing out that a company's workers prevent the Commission from entering a room, claiming that there is nothing inside but the Commission entered to clear the company is taking a store of food without the obligation of minimum health requirements and was in a bad situation.
    He pointed out that the Committee found the part hidden exercised when preparing food, the center of the spread of insects and debris, as are the operations of the cooked food to feed the workers en masse.