The boundaries of isolation of Kazakhstan in connection with brucellosis in cattle expanding
29/06/2010 12:25

Uzbekistan has launched a campaign to prevent infiltration from the outside of infectious diseases of livestock as foot and mouth disease, brucellosis, avian influenza, pasteurellosis, reports news agency "Kazakhstan-Grain" message IA Regnum.

Currently in Uzbekistan, these diseases are not fixed, remains epizootic stability. "Given that the disease passes from animal to animal, mainly through the oral cavity and respiratory tract, all the livestock facilities, regardless of ownership, subject to disinfection. On the ground, formed by groups of veterinarians who conduct epizootic diseases, epidemiological monitoring," - said the Chief State Veterinary Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of Uzbekistan Nurbek Yuldashev.

In Uzbekistan, created 15 points veterinary supervision, acting at the intersection of the state border with Kazakhstan, they are fully equipped with necessary equipment, medicines, disinfecting substances.

As informs news agency "Kazakhstan-Grain" earlier in 8 districts of Akmola region of Kazakhstan found evidence of animal disease brucellosis. On June 23 this year in epizootic outbreak killed: 618 head of cattle, 804 head of small cattle, 513 pigs. Vaccinated 32,124 head of cattle, 57,235 head of small cattle, 14,217 pigs, 13 camels.

Last week, Russia banned the import of meat and meat products from Kazakhstan in connection with the epizootic situation of FMD in the country.

Anna Lazarevic

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