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Bird Flu prevention and threat in Uzbekistan

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  • Bird Flu prevention and threat in Uzbekistan

    Big Danger of Epidemic of Bird Flu in Uzbekistan: Head of National Centre of Influenza
    09.10.08 20:20

    Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 8 October / corr TrendNews Zhukov / їThe case of bird flu of neither people nor animals has been fixed in the territory of Uzbekistan up to present,ї Ravshan Rakhimov, Head of National Centre of Influenza said at UNICEFїs workshop in Tashkent.

    їHowever, danger is very great because the ways of migration of wild birds passes via countryїs territory. These birds are main carriers of virus. Besides, the facts of disease were registered earlier in the neighboring countries. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry directed large forces to prevent such cases,ї Uzbek official said.

    An operative headquarter on prevention of bird flu was set up under the Ministry of Health in October, 2007.
    Leading veterinaries, employees of customs and border committees and specialists of other departments joined the staff of headquarter. Import of poultry meat into Uzbekistan from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania and Turkey was banned temporarily according to the order of Government of the Republic in autumn last year, Republican Centre of Sanitary and Epidemiologic Control told TrendNews.

    Autumn migration of water birds from north to south can worsen the situation, Uzbek scientists said. The State Conservancy Committee imposed a temporary ban on hunting of wild birds. Explanatory work is conducted amongst the hunters.

    Birds have already been fixed by employees of the State Committee in five large natural reservoirs of the country. These reservoirs are Aydarkul lake in Sirdarya region, Jiltirbas, Sarikamish and Sudache lakes in Kara-Kalpak Republic, as well as Kok-Darya system of lakes, located in this Autonomous Republic.

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