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Uzbekistan stepped up sanitary controls at border areas

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  • Uzbekistan stepped up sanitary controls at border areas

    Uzbekistan stepped up sanitary controls at border areas
    11.07.08 15:20

    Uzbekistan, Tashkent, July 11 / correspondent. Trend News T. Zhukov / Uzbek authorities have intensified measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at the border areas. As the chief doctor Centre state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance Bahrom Koran, tightened sanitary controls at customs offices, airports, bus and markets.

    At each point sanitary surveillance duty special team composed of employees of veterinary and sanitary-epidemiological services, customs officers and police. "We have the necessary means for timely definition of acute communicable diseases", - said Bahrom Koran.

    According to officials, experts and veterinary gossanepidnadzora management and epidemiological monitoring epizootic situation on the ground. At the moment already vaccinated nearly 194 thousand cattle, 37 thousand sheep and goats.

    Warned importation into the territory of the area of 412 kg of meat, 304 kg of milk and milk products, special check failed. In the field of children's camps have strengthened monitoring and advocacy efforts under way.

    In spring this year the Government had imposed a temporary ban on the importation and transit of all meat products from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Zambia and the Chechen Republic. According to the Ministry of Health, the temporary ban was imposed in connection with registrations in these countries foci African plague among local pigs.

    "Strozhayshy quarantine at all pogranpostah will operate until the establishment of a stable epizootic situation in the regions of the world", - Trend News reported in the Uzbek Health Ministry.

    In addition to meat-pork, Uzbek authorities have banned the import of the country, as well as carry through its territory of live birds, as well as poultry products and raw materials origin. "It is implemented on the basis of the International epizootic bureau chief and solutions public veterinary inspector Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the spread of avian influenza in several countries around the world", - says in a special message Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the republic. As noted, the list included most countries in Southeast Asia as well as Britain, Canada, France and the Czech Republic.

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    Re: Uzbekistan stepped up sanitary controls at border areas

    Uzbek Airlines Struggle with Infections in their Planes
    15.07.08 15:17

    Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 15 July / corr. Trend News T.Zhukov / Uzbekistan havo yullari (the Uzbek Airlines) national air company (NAC), takes all necessary measures to prevent enterovirus infection, Mirsaid Alimov, chief doctor of the Uzbek Airline Company?s state sanitary and epidemiological supervision centre, said on 14 July.
    ?Our doctors conduct explanatory work with crew of flying planes on dangerous diseases and their consequences,? Alimov said. ?Pilot units and flight attendants are informed enough about the countries where plague, bird flu, enterovirus-71 infection, most dangerous disease cases were registered, as well as their distinguishing peculiarities. During flights this knowledge will help them to expose citizens with signs of such diseases.?
    According to the Uzbek official, medical and sanitary supervision places began to operate at all international airports of the country. ?They are supplied with rooms, which was equipped with necessary medical equipment, medicines, disinfectant substances and protective clothing. Experienced epidemiologist doctors, medical assistants and disinfectors work there,? the chief doctor of the air company said. The sanitary doctors examine health of passengers, who arrive in the country, quality of imported food production and other goods on epidemiological security. Arriving passengers are rendered medical aid in necessary cases and measures are taken to prevent spread of infection disease when they are detected. Arriving passengers? hand luggage is subjected to a veterinary and phytosanitary examination.
    At present, the company offers flights to all huge cities of Uzbekistan and more than 40 on international flights to clients, the NAC marketing unit told Trend News. The air company increased passenger transportation by 16.4% in 2007 as compared to 2006 to 1.972mln people. General growth of passenger transportation is connected with optimization of commercial loading and increase of flights to 22,938. Particularly, flights are carried from Tashkent to Sochi and Cairo. Frequencies of weekly flights were increased from Tashkent to New York (twice a week), to Tel Aviv (four times a week), to Bangkok (five times a week), from Samarqand to St.-Petersburg (three times a week).