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UZBEKISTAN - World Bank allocates US$2.96M to Uzbekistan to deal with bf

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  • UZBEKISTAN - World Bank allocates US$2.96M to Uzbekistan to deal with bf

    babelfished from Russian:

    The World Bank allocated to Uzbekistan 2,96 million dollars for dealing with the bird influenza
    May 7, 2007

    Consultational council for bird influenza it approved Grant in the size 2,96 million US dollars to conducting of measures for averting of bird influenza and readiness for the pandemia in Uzbekistan. On this to correspondent IA Regnum they reported on Monday on 7 May in the representation of the World Bank in Tashkent.

    After noting that in Uzbekistan not it was up to now fixed the outbreaks of highly pathogenic bird influenza, in the representation of the World Bank focus attention on the fact that the cases VPG were registered in the adjacent countries, including Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Iraq, India and China. "The threat of flash VPG in Uzbekistan as before remains serious as a result of the migration of the migratory planktonic birds and/or near-boundary trade by poultry in the region", they emphasize in the representation of bank.

    It is noted that Grant is given by the Continental Alliance through the trastovyy fund for fight with the bird influenza and by the pandemia of the human form of bird influenza, and control of him will be achieved by the World Bank. Project consists of such basic components as connection and the propagation of information, protection of the health of people and animals. "Project will contribute to strengthening the potential of the country for averting the spread of bird influenza among the poultry, and the infection of people from the birds, and also for purposes of preparation for the potential pandemia of the virus of the bird influenza, which is transmitted from one man to the next", it is said in the communication of the representation of bank.

    According to the data of representation, at present, the large part of the livestock of poultry in the country find in the property of housework, and the substantial part of the incomes of rural house management and food basket is connected with the poultry raising. Supposedly, that of more than 20 million heads of poultry, 15 millions (75%) they are contained on podvor'yakh. The commercial poultry-breeding economies, in portion of which are fallen about 25% of livestock of poultry in the country, include poultry yards.

    As they assume in the representation of the World Bank, "industrial poultry raising is less subjected to contacts with the wild birds; nevertheless, commercial flows, especially the import of chickens from Russia and Turkey - countries, where the cases of highly pathogenic bird influenza were already fixed, they were cmbined with the high risk of the appearance OF VPG".

    In the extended communication are given the words of the Head of the Diplomatic Mission of the World Bank in Uzbekistan about the fact that "in entire peace the World Bank plays important role in the rendering of international assistance to fight with the threat of bird influenza and the preparation for the possible pandemia among the people. Aid in the opposition to this threat, which can lead to the serious burden of disease, the loss of efficiency and source of income, is necessary for Uzbekistan. The outbreak of bird influenza in the country will also blow up efforts for the reduction of the global propagation of infection".

    The government of Uzbekistan prepared national program on the averting and the fight with the bird influenza. Furthermore, the number of international organizations already conducts work according to the rendering of assistance to Uzbekistan for the opposition to the threat of the spread of bird influenza, including Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), UNISEF and WHO - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.

    Uzbekistan became the member of the World Bank in 1992. The mission of the World Bank in the country is directed toward an improvement in the standard of living of the population through the participation in the economic reforms, conducted by government, the realization of support in the improvement of social sector and infrastructure and the assignment of knowledge and experience to government and to the population of Uzbekistan. The total volume of the obligations of Uzbekistan with respect to MBRR/MAR is about $630 million.

    Консультационный совет по птичьему гриппу одобрил грант в размере 2,96 миллионов долларов США на проведение мер по предотвращению птичьего гриппа и...
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