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Syria - Qamishli: Accusations of "bird flu" and H1N1 cases/deaths in media are denied - April 12, 2015

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  • Syria - Qamishli: Accusations of "bird flu" and H1N1 cases/deaths in media are denied - April 12, 2015

    There are multiple sources for this story. Some mention poultry and bird flu. Some mention bird flu and swine flu. I have no idea. And there is a denial of any disease.

    hree deaths from bird flu in Qamishli


    A medical source in the city of Qamishli, said three people have died in the National Hospital in the city of Qamishli as a result of bird flu, which has spread in the city recently with a virus. The source added, "One of these people was rears poultry that there are other cases in the semicircular district and the state in a column ".

    It also pointed to the "suspicion of the status of swine currently resides at the National Hospital in Qamishli, where tests are done and analysis to make sure the disease flu."

    It is said that his bird flu is very contagious form, marked the first in Italy more than 100 years, where he was known plague birds. It is a viral disease that affects animals and birds in general, in particular. The virus is in the blood of birds and saliva and intestines and noses come out in their faeces, which dries to turn to dust inhaled volatile atoms near the chicken and human chicken. The geese and turkeys, ducks and chicken
    are the most affected by the virus. Rodawo

    Increasing epidemics in the system areas and the "bird flu" kills three civilians in Qamishli


    Hozan Mustafa: We are all partners
    Announced the "health" of the system Directorate in al-Hasakah province, for the deaths of three people Tuesday / Wednesday, in the city of Qamishli Brive Al-Hasakah, a result of being infected with "bird flu," according to the transfer site "Kurdistan Democratic Party" for an official medical sources. The source explained that the three cases died in the "National Hospital" in Qamishli, a result of exposure to infection, "bird flu", pointing to the existence of other cases of injury to the people of the semicircular neighborhood in Qamishli, as well as in the city of Sebastian. Health reports in the city also referred to the suspected case of infection with "swine flu - H1N1" in the city of Qamishli, the report said as a result of tests, not yet released, and did not accurately be diagnosed. The medical reports issued by the Ministry of Health in the system the government indicated that the death fifteen Syria virus "swine flu - H1N1" since the beginning of the year 2015 this month. Mostly in the province of Damascus and the endosperm.

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    Please note: "Smallpox" is the machine translation artifact for chickenpox. Also, it is unclear if the flu referenced below is H5N1 or seasonal flu H1N1pdm09.

    Translation Google

    Civic organization: bird flu deaths and injuries smallpox (edit: chickenpox) in Tel Hamis

    Basenyoz | Massoud Omri views
    05/26/2015 13:03

    Head of the health bureau of the Arab national body said the island's western Kurdistan province Jassim Al Hammadi that by the social survey carried out by the Commission for Rural Tel Hamis was recorded several injuries bird flu in some villages in Tel Hamis.

    The Al-Hammadi, who works in the National Hospital in the city of Qamishlo reporter (Basenyoz) Tuesday, "the death of several people the bird flu virus in the hospital, including a dentist in semicircular neighborhood Qamishlo," he also stressed that "the spread of smallpox (edit: chickenpox) among school children in Tel Hamis, and its villages ", appealing to health organizations, and civil in the region to intervene, and to provide assistance according to their potential to save the children of this epidemic," noting that they are in the body is launching a project in collaboration with physicians group includes a mobile health clinic in the countryside of Tal Hamis to provide treatment, and medicine to the people of that region, in addition to strengthening the existing medical centers there, and organization of health courses such as nursing, first aid, medical and seminars. "

    It should be noted that the Arab National Commission was established for nearly three years, a civilian organization that Arab component in the island province of the affairs of the educational, and service in an effort to reduce popular incubator to regulate Daash in villages, towns and the Arab boycott of the island.
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