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Lebanon - Suspected bird flu death in August - Ministry of Health investigating

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  • Lebanon - Suspected bird flu death in August - Ministry of Health investigating

    Victim had contact with poultry that died. May have also been diagnosed with Swine flu initially. Unknown reason for the poultry deaths. Also, on farm were workers from Syria.

    Doubts damage accident deaths in Hosrayel
    22 آب 2010 08:01
    22 August 2010 08:01

    Newspaper, "Al-Diyar" Amid the shock, disbelief, silence, buried in the town of Hosrayel on Friday, her son Rocks Abu Sulaiman, who died of cholera a mystery illness did not know the details so far but the issue of death has not come to an end, because the mystery that is still enveloped in the details, a citizen Rukiz remained about a month bedridden in the hospital when it impossible for doctors to diagnose his condition.

    Some pointed to the bacterium unidentified hit his brain and led to his death while others were whispering that the man was infected with bird flu, while others went Bznnouna that the patient was infected with swine flu it's an injury could have been cured but the patient did not address must also be turned-borne virus with the avian flu virus the condition is rare.

    This case was submitted to the competent ministries, agriculture, health, particularly that the people of Hosrayel whispering among themselves for Syrian workers had been working on a farm Rukiz Poultry left to Syria infected with the same disease is unknown carried by the owner of the farm, and ask people about the reasons that prompted officials officials not to act and conduct the necessary investigation, the information transmitted on the people in Hosrayel that farm Abu Sulaiman, was unlicensed and therefore not legitimate, and the owner agreed with a major producer of poultry, which he has feed and pay him the price of chicken when it becomes ready for slaughter, but the feed was imported from China and thus did not have international standards for feed Fady after three days of feeding the chicken to the deaths of more than 1000 thieves at one time while observing the neighbors that the Chicks dead was swollen head in a manner unusual also noted the people that the brother of the deceased suffers an injury that was quickly remedied with his brother, the late Rukiz not complied with the treatment required but continued to work in farm families, underlining that the company has sent a delegation of poultry specialists has withdrawn a dead chicken in addition to clear all the parameters and earth-moving and bring the situation to what it was.

    What the farm owner, the condition worsened, he was transferred later to a hospital aid where eluded treatment shrunk for three weeks in intensive care and died has not issued any official statement from the hospital, as well, the Ministry of Health raised the silence out of fear for season summer with the Ministry of Agriculture merely detects field on the farm.

    Thus, her son buried the town of Hosrayel Rukiz people with participants in the mourning family Bfiqidhm still in a situation of distrust because the virus that has killed him is still unknown and remains absent from the Ministry of Health medical statement explaining the details.

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    Re: Lebanon - Suspected bird flu death in August - Ministry of Health investigating

    I believe this is the same case as the post below. Given that the brother suffered a mild flu-like illness at the same time, H1N1 seems slightly more likely than H5N1. There have been a few references to "bacterium in the brain" as well, which might be a hospital-acquired infection, but might also be a sign of bacterial meningitis.

    But at this point, we may never know for sure. The above story is already three weeks old.

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      Re: Lebanon - Suspected bird flu death in August - Ministry of Health investigating

      A/H1N1 is very easy to diagnose. It seems the patient was in the hospital for about a month without this confirmation.