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Lebanon - A Struggle to Differenciate Between Swine and Bird Flu on the Farm

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  • Lebanon - A Struggle to Differenciate Between Swine and Bird Flu on the Farm

    hat tip Treyfish -

    Avian Hosrayel: pigs, even if ...


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    No one knows where it is buried owner of the farm infected chickens (Marwan Bu Haydar)

    At a time in which it proclaimed the World Health Organization last week, the world passes &#171;to post a pandemic (epidemic)&#187; for swine flu, was &#171;t.
    Q &#187;, son of town Hosrayel and his chicken farm in which irregular, sleeps three weeks ago in an isolated room in the intensive care unit of a hospital aid Jbeil, is connected with respiration, and Mnoma artificially damaged his lungs so more than two Mtdharrtan ...

    HIV itself (EDIT - this usually refers to Bird Flu - s.)

    Hosrayel sacrificed Sun
    Sign planted at the entrance to the town of Hosrayel banner already.

    But is rather a forest of placards bearing the names small factories grew like mushrooms in one of the most beautiful country towns of Jubail overlooking the sea.
    And simulate the spread of factories in Hosrayel fungi is not just the use of metaphor consumers.

    The town of the late communist leader Farajallah sweet witnessed during the past decades, chaotic industrial invasion came on the coniferous forest is a forest which grew in place of another kind: 54 factories in the town with a population of thousand people, or the rate of plant for every 18 people!
    &#171;Remedy&#187; Hosrayel future, turning them gradually, from the beautiful town lost among the pine trees and the houses of brick and stone, to a combination of the &#171;Committee Industrial&#187; weight &#171;tax commission&#187; and Astdrakat legal reclassification of the region according to the map of irregularities turned into a reality.

    What benefit the natural beauty of Hosrayel her family in the marginalization of the Parties, which alone, of all the clich&#233; official hypocrisy, does not differentiate between the sects?


    If all this calamity is not enough, if additional sorrows fall on the heads of the people.

    Between 20 and 21 July last, enter the year.

    Q, the owner of a poultry farm in an irregular, &#171;the intensive care unit following the collapse of the severity of the disease unconscious, which is expected to be procured from a doctor bed&#187;, as he told us the mayor's mind sweet.Enter the man in what looks like a comma synthetic at the request of his doctor to rest his lungs, the &#171;neglected Halo lot&#187; also brings the people of his village, which is only collected in the account of what happened to the owner of a farm raising chickens, as well as confusion in the source of his illness, declared: H1N1 virus swine flu.

    Not pigs, not the bird flu?

    Especially since a large number of birds &#171;the last batch&#187; tunnel before entering the hospital a few days, for reasons mysterious?
    No one knows.

    What about the town and its people who have been displaced, some of them waiting to reveal the truth of the virus, which we did not hear anything from him in the media?

    Not obfuscation, and secrecy and are fertile environment to the rumors?

    And the seriousness of what happened to public safety?
    Damage to the car turns us a Tarmac road climbs towards the top of the farm in the town.
    The scene on the road confirms the initial impression: The construction of factories &#171;rampant&#187; Hosrayel in the hills.
    &#171;Zainab&#187; says workers on the factory building several layers of Buea, referring to the building &#171;confused&#187; engineered between the warehouse and the basement, a line on one wall red Balboia: &#171;farm Rukiz&#187;.

    The car stops against the iron door locked.
    Taatrgel to find yourself standing in a pile of ...

    Chicken excrement old transformed into something like a hay dry.
    &#171;Find&#187; the first step did not prevent us from &#171;Nkerj&#187; down towards the nearest neighbor's house.
    Laughing Akovn construction workers to work in building an extension of the manufacturer of wood, compared to the farm closed, for getting off the scene very carefully for fear of falling due to severe decline.
    Indian workers, including referring to the flight ...
    Helicopter on the eve of our arrival, we believe, has been sprayed pesticides over the area of the farm.

    This confirms other workers. They said that the Ministry of Health sterilized farm, is not it supposed to reassure us and we were assured?
    Neighbor closest to the farm was Mayes slaves.

    Surprised by the tone of farms sixtieth Akkari, who lives in the town since only a few years.

    The man is also busy overseeing the building site adjacent to his home down the hill, while his wife sat on the top floor of the building bare, to make tea in the glasses for workers.

    Cries have attracted our attention to some small coop of chickens municipal Tqouki it, ask them if they raise chickens so far here, despite the rumors about the injury of their town may be infected with avian influenza, the old man would be answered with confidence: &#171;Djajatna Municipalities&#187;!

    Adding that another farm of chickens, at a distance of fifty meters from the first, but regular, in turn, is still continuing.

    Does not hide the neighbors farm the patient, described by many here, but Balbsit Balassab anchors, that their neighborhood was tough on them.
    &#171;Before each account," says Mayes, sitting a few stones Khvan waiting for its turn to become a wall, Tqatlna him very much because Alrihp.
    Has what you want a rancid.
    كان يشطف بعد كل فوج (فراريج) وتنزل الماي علينا.
    Was rinsed after each batch (broiler) and the Mai-down on us.
    ما كان بدنا عداوة لأننا جدد بالمنطقة.
    What we want because we renewed the enmity of the region.
    ومنذ سنة ونصف اتفقنا حبيّاً مع أخيه وتحدثنا إلى البلدية فجاء مهندس وركّب شفّاطات&#187;.
    Since the year and a half we have agreed amicably with his brother and talked to the municipal engineer came and installed straws &#187;.
    &#171;من شهر ونصف تقريباً لم نسمع إلا أن &#171;ر&#187; مريض وتعبان كثير، وأنهم يريدون تعقيم مزرعته.
    &#171;A month and a half ago but did not hear that&#171; t &#187;sick and tired of many, and they wanted to sterilize his ranch.
    كانت كل الضيعة مخضوضة.
    All of the estate startled.
    جيراننا من بيت دريان إجو نهار المشكلة، وعادوا فلّوا دغري وما رجعوا.
    Our neighbors to the Derian House Lago day problem, and returned Floa Dgri and returned.
    جيران أهلو هربوا أيضاً كام يوم، زوجته وزوجة أخيه في بيت أهلهن حتى اليوم مع الأولاد.
    Ohlo neighbors also fled on cam, his wife and his brother's wife in the house of their parents, even today with the boys.
    الناس توقفت عن زيارتهم&#187;.
    People stopped visiting &#187;.
    تصل كنّة العائلة على ما يبدو، وهي تحمل صينية عليها أكواب يهتزّ فيها العصير على وقع خطواتها، فتنقبض قلوبنا لإحراج ضيافة خطرة.
    Accent up the family it seems, and is China upon which the juice cups shaking on the impact of mind, Vtnaqbd our hearts to embarrass the hospitality dangerous.
    تبادرنا: &#171;قالوا إن وزارة الصحة إجت عقّمت المزرعة.
    Tpadrna: &#171;They said that the Ministry of Health Ijt sterilized farm.
    أليس من المفروض أن يطمئنوا علينا ويطمنونا، ونحن الأقرب إلى المزرعة؟
    Is not it supposed to reassure us and Itmnon, and we are closest to the farm?
    بعدين فروج الهوا (تشيكن) مفروض يجي يحكي، لأنو مسؤول عن الفراريج&#187;، نسألها كيف؟
    Then Hawa Chicken (Chicken) imposed Luigi tells, to Anu is responsible for the broiler &#187;, ask, How?
    فتقول: &#171;هو من يعطي أصحاب تلك المزارع أفواجاً من الصيصان لتربيتها&#187;.
    Says: &#171;It gives the owners of those farms Waves of chicks for breeding&#187;.
    نسأل الكنّة التي لا تنفكّ تدعونا لشرب العصير، محاولين تغيير الموضوع، إن كانت قد زارت ابن بلدتها المريض، فتنفي مبررة &#171;أنا عندي طفالى!&#187;.
    We ask the porch which is usually not invite us to drink the juice, trying to change the subject, if they had visited her home town I'm patient, preclude the justifiable &#171;I've got a loamy!&#187;.
    ولكن هل كانوا يعرفون حقيقة إصابته؟
    But do they know the truth about his?
    &#171;كل حدا بيقول شي&#187;، يجيب مايز، &#171;ساعة بيقولوا أكل لحم خنزير نيء و(قال)كان الخنزير آكل جرذون مصاب بالطاعون (يضحكون)، إنو هالخنزير اللي آكل جرذون ما حدا آكل منّو غير &#171;ر&#187;؟
    &#171;All end Bicol Xi&#187;, answer Mays, &#171;hour Bicoloa eating raw pork (said) was a whole pig Jrdhun plague (laugh), the Innu Halknzir who eat Jrdhun prompted the whole menu is&#171; t &#187;?
    حتى البلدية لما عرفت بمرضو قالت :مش من الدجاج&#187;!.
    Even know what the municipal Bmradw said: "I do not chicken&#187;!.
    نسأله ونحن نرى الغبار على الشجر، كيف يسكن في منطقة صناعية مثل هذه؟
    We ask and we see the dust on the trees, how is living in an industrial area like this?
    يجيب: &#171;لما اشترينا كانت الأرض عادية للسكن.
    Answers: &#171;Why we bought the land was an ordinary housing.
    لعبوا بالتصنيف وصلت الصناعة لعنّا.
    Played a taxonomy and reached the industry to us.
    بعدين &#171;ر&#187; ما عندو ترخيص.
    Then &#171;t&#187; What Not Cast a license.
    المزرعة مش لإلو.
    I do not farm for USA.
    لما صار المشكل ما عاد &#171;الهوا&#187; عطاه صيصان&#187;.
    When it was no longer the problem &#171;Hawa&#187; Atta chicks &#187;.
    وماذا عن أفراد عائلته؟
    What about his family?
    تقول أنطوانيت: &#171;صحيح زوجته أصيبت، لكنها تعافت، وكذلك أخوه الذي يلمّ زبالة الضيعة وزوجته وابنهما لكنهم تعافوا أيضاً.
    Antoinette says: &#171;true hit his wife, but recovered, as well as his brother Willem, who trash the estate and his wife and their son, but recovered well.
    ومن يؤكد لي أن العمال المليانة في محيط المزرعة غير مصابين؟&#187; تسأل.
    It tells me that the workers Alumblyanp in the vicinity of the farm are not infected? &#187;Ask.
    وماذا عنهم؟
    What about them?
    وعن قنّ دجاجهم البلدي؟
    Municipal and coop chickens?
    هل فحصهم أحد؟
    Do you examined one?
    يجيبون: &#171;ما حدا دقّ بابنا، اشربوا اشربوا ما تخافوا، مياهنا من بئر بعيدة!&#187;.
    Answer: &#171;What may end our door, drink and drink what fear, our water from a well far!&#187;.
    لكنهم في الليلة ذاتها أرسلوا شغّيلاً ونظّفوا المزرعة!
    But at the same night and sent Chgila Clean farm!
    Who are they?
    من هم؟
    Who are they?
    شو بيعرفني
    Xu Abierffine
    في منزل آخر في البلدة، تهمس السيدة الخمسينية كأنها تخاف أن يسمعها أحد تتحدث &#171;بالموضوع&#187;.
    In another house in the town, like a whisper Ms. Pentecostal afraid to hear a talk &#171;subject&#187;.
    العديد ممن تحدثنا إليهم رفضوا ذكر أسمائهم.
    Many of those we spoke to refused to be named.
    لا بل إن بعضهم &#171;اعترف&#187; بأنه اتصل سراً بوزارة الزراعة أو بوزارة الصحة.
    Some of them do not even &#171;recognized&#187; secret that he had contacted the Ministry of Agriculture or the Ministry of Health.
    تعيد السيدة ما كرره الجميع &#171;شاعت الخبرية لما فات &#171;ر&#187; على المستشفى.
    Ms. repeated back what everyone &#171;spread of news for Fat&#171; t &#187;on the hospital.
    قبل بجمعة كانت حرارتو عالية وما عم تنزل، الطبيب أصرّ على نقله إلى مستشفى، لكنه رفض طالباً أن يعلّقوا له مصلاً بالبيت.
    Before collecting the Hrarto high, and with the down, the doctor insisted on being transferred to hospital, but refused to comment, asking that his vaccine at home.
    تأخّر على العلاج&#187;.
    Delayed treatment &#187;.
    نسأل الصبية إذا كانت تعرف ما مشكلة ابن بلدتها، فترد: &#171;القصة غامضة.
    We ask the boys if they know what the problem I'm her home town, are set out: &#171;the story ambiguous.
    بالبداية لم نكن نعرف ما به.
    Onset we did not know it.
    ساعة يقولون ذبحة، ساعة الكلى.
    Myocardial hour say, an hour kidneys.
    المهم، زرناه في المستشفى وقال لنا ممرض إنه مصاب بفيروس H1N1 إضافة إلىH2N3.
    Anyway, we visited in the hospital and the nurse told us that he was infected with H1N1 in addition to H2N3.
    ثم التقط أخوه العدوى.
    Then picked up his brother infection.
    فخفنا كثيراً.
    Fajva much.
    العدوى تعني وباءً.
    Mean B infection.
    الأكثرية قالوا إنه فيروس أنفلونزا الخنازير...
    They said that the majority of swine flu virus ...
    عم يضحكوا علينا&#187; نسألها لمَ تظن ذلك؟
    Laugh with us &#187;ask, did not you think so?
    فتجيب: &#171;عندو مزرعة دجاج مش نضيفة.
    Be answered: &#171;Not Cast a chicken farm not add.
    بلكي لاقط شي من الطير؟&#187;.
    Blki receptor Shi bird? &#187;.
    سؤال منطقي، ولو أننا نعرف أنه بعد انتقال الفيروس إلى الإنسان لم يعد الحيوان شرطاً لنقله إلى الناس، بل أصبح ينتقل من شخص إلى آخر، لذلك سُمّي وباءً.
    Logical question, though we know that after transmission of the virus to humans, animals no longer a condition for transfer to the people, but has passed from one person to another, so-called epidemic.
    مع الاعتراف بأن نوعية المعطيات تجعل من الصعب تصديق أن الإصابة لا علاقة لها بالبيئة الحاضنة للفيروس، أي المزرعة.
    With the recognition that the quality of data makes it hard to believe that the injury was not related to the environment incubator for the virus, any farm.
    فهذه الأخيرة غير نظامية بمعنى الظروف الصحية، والرجل على احتكاك دائم بالدجاج.
    The latter is a regular in the sense of health conditions, and men on the permanent source of friction with chicken.
    والوباء بدأ منه هو بعد نفوق أعداد كبيرة لا نعرف أين دفنها، أضف إلى ذلك إشارات أخرى، من النوع الذي أشار إليه رئيس البلدية الذي قابلناه في ما بعد، فأخبرنا أنه أقنع صحافيين اتصلوا به بألّا يتطرقوا إلى الموضوع حرصاً على...
    The epidemic had started it after the death of large numbers does not know where to bury it, add to that other signals of the type referred to by the mayor, who we met in the post, tell us that he persuaded the reporters contacted him not to get into the topic in order to ...
    مصالح الناس، &#171;خسارة مئات آلاف الدولارات (يقصد مزارعي الدواجن) منشان شي مش متأكدين منّو؟
    Interests of the people, &#171;loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars (eg poultry farmers) not sure Mnchan Shi growth?
    وبعدين الوباء انتهى&#187;.
    And then, the epidemic is over &#187;.
    في منزل آخر، كانت أكواب العصير هي الأخرى بالمرصاد، لكنّ السيدة التي حملتها سارعت إلى طمأنتنا إلى أنها مجرد &#171;ميرندا&#187;، أي إنها آتية من علب مقفلة.
    In another house, the cups juice is also on the hunt, but the lady's campaign was quick to assure us that they just &#171;Miranda&#187;, ie, they are coming from unlocked mailboxes.
    &#171;تعترف&#187; السيدة بأنها اتصلت &#171;بوزارة الزراعة سراً، فقالت مساعدة الوزير إنها ستأتي شخصياً.
    &#171;Recognize&#187; that they had contacted Ms. &#171;secret Ministry of Agriculture, said she would come to assist the minister in person.
    وفعلاً، أتت في اليوم التالي، لكنهم في الليلة ذاتها أرسلوا شغيلاً ونظّفوا المزرعة&#187;!
    Indeed, come the next day, but at the same night and sent Chgila Clean Farm &#187;!
    Who are they?
    من هم؟
    Who are they?
    &#171;شو بيعرفني، تقول، أصحاب المصلحة&#187;.
    &#171;Shaw Abierffine, she says, stakeholders&#187;.
    ومن قال لها ذلك؟
    It is said to do so?
    تجيب &#171;نحنا بضيعة.
    Answer &#171;Nhna ranch.
    ما في شي بيتخبّى.
    As in Shi Petby.
    إنو واحد لقط شي من محل، وقال المحل ما فيه شي؟
    Innu one cat Shi in a shop, the shop said that the Shi?
    بعدين وين الدجاجات اللي ماتوا؟
    Then Wayne chickens who died?
    ليه ما منعرف وين دفنهم حتى تفحصهم وزارة الزراعة؟&#187;.
    LES is Mnaraf Win buried even looking into Ministry of Agriculture? &#187;.
    كلما اقتربنا من &#171;مركز&#187; الإصابة، أي منزل المريض وأهله، أصبح خفض الصوت سمة عامة.
    The closer to &#171;Centre&#187; infection, any patient's home and his family, became a common feature to reduce the sound.
    يسألنا شاب بعد أن يخفض صوته: &#171;لما شقّينا عليه (زرناه) بالمستشفى، سألنا الحكيم إن كان علينا أن نتناول التاميفلو، فقال ما في لزوم لأننا جلسنا في صالون المستشفى، فيما المريض لم يتنفّس بوجهنا ولم يلمسنا، مزبوط؟&#187;.
    After the man asks us to lower his voice: &#171;Why Hqina it (we visited) hospital, we asked the wise that we had to address Tamiflu, he said what needed to be, we sat in the hall of the hospital, while the patient is not breathing Bugena not Ilmsna, Msbot?&#187;.
    نسأله إذا كان خائفاً؟
    Ask if he was afraid?
    ينظر إلى بضعة أولاد يلعبون في الباحة المجاورة وهو يقول: &#171;هلّق عيلة &#171;ر&#187; كلها عم تاخذ دوا للوقاية، ما حدا فات بيتهم.
    Seen a few children playing in the courtyard adjacent to say: &#171;they're headed&#171; t &#187;take all born with the prevention, which led to missed home.
    ابن أخيه وزوجته تركوا البيت وراحوا على بيت أهلها، زوجة &#171;ر&#187; حملت الفيروس بس تعالجت.
    His nephew and his wife left the house and went to her family's house, the wife of &#171;t&#187; carried the virus, but I seek treatment.
    هوّي همل حالو كتير&#187;.
    Hui, Hamel Halo lot &#187;.
    يقولها آسفاً.
    Say it sadly.
    نحاول أن نطرق باب عائلة المريض لكننا نسمع ما يشبه شجاراً، فنؤجّلها.
    Trying to knock on the door of the patient's family, but we hear something like a quarrel, Venwgelha.
    قلنا، لنقصد المختار ناصيف الحلو.
    We have said, to mean the chosen Nassif sweet.
    كلما اقتربنا من منزل المريض وأهله، أصبح خفض الصوت سمة عامة
    The closer to the patient's home and his family, the lower the volume a general feature of
    &#171;مختار ما في.
    &#171;What the mayor.
    مختارة في&#187;، تقول الخادمة الأجنبية.
    Selected in &#187;, says the foreign domestic worker.
    على كنبة في الصالون الذي تزيّنه صورة لزوجها مع رئيس الجمهورية أيام كان قائداً للجيش.
    On a couch in the living room festooned with a picture of her with the President when he was a commander of the army.
    تجلس المختارة ليليان أمام نرجيلتها.
    Selected to sit in front of Lilian Nerjeeltha.
    تكرار لرواية إصابة &#171;ر&#187;، لكن مع تفصيل إضافي: لقد بصق دماً.
    Repetition of the novel injury &#171;t&#187;, but with additional detail: I have spat blood.
    تروي المختارة: &#171;لمّا بصق دماً، ذهب إلى الطبيب، لكنه تعارك مع الممرضات ورجع إلى البيت.
    Troy selected: &#171;Why spitting blood, he went to the doctor, but he battled with the nurses and returned to the house.
    استمرت حرارته بالارتفاع ثم لم تعد تنزل.
    Temperature continued to rise, and no longer get off.
    لمّا استوى ع الآخر، كانت رئتاه قد انتهتا&#187;.
    He turned to the other p, the lungs had ended &#187;.
    وماذا عنهم، الأهالي؟
    What about them, the parents?
    تقول: &#171;يعني عنده مزرعة دجاج، ونفق العديد منها، وعلى ما يبدو دفنها في السواد (براز الدجاج).
    Says: &#171;I mean he has a chicken farm, and died many of them, and apparently buried in the black (chicken excrement).
    حوالى 24 الشهر جاءت وزارتا الصحة والزراعة، أخذوا عيّنات وأرسلوها إلى المختبر، لكن تبيّن أنها نظيفة&#187;.
    About 24 month came and ministries of health and agriculture, took samples and sent them to the lab, but found it clean &#187;.
    وكيف عرفت؟
    How do you know?
    تقول: &#171;ردّوا خبر للبلدية لأنها هي من طلبتهم&#187;.
    Says: &#171;News responded to the municipality because it is one of their students&#187;.
    وماذا عن الهليكوبتر التي قيل لنا إنها رشّت مبيدات أمس؟
    What about the helicopter we were told that they sprayed pesticides yesterday?
    تقول: &#171;لا أعرف، هناك دائماً تحليق، فثكنة الجيش قريبة&#187;.
    Says: &#171;I do not know, there's always the flight, close to the army Fetknp&#187;.
    وهل زارتهم وزارة الصحة أو زارت الأهالي؟
    Will visited the Ministry of Health, visited the parents?
    تقول &#171;وزّعوا علينا ملصقات عن النظافة والتعقيم، لكنهم قالوا إن الحالة منزلية ولم تنتقل إلى الجيران&#187;، وكيف عرفوا بذلك إن لم يفحصوا الجيران؟
    Says &#171;We have distributed posters for the cleaning and sterilization, but said that the situation did not go home to neighbors&#187;, and how they knew it did not examine the neighbors?
    تقول: &#171;والله ما بعرف&#187;.
    Says: &#171;God I do not know&#187;.
    مقابل مدخل منزل رئيس البلدية، منزل حجري قديم على مقربة من تمثال القائد الشيوعي فرج الله الحلو.
    Opposite the entrance to the mayor's house, an old stone house near the statue of communist leader Farajallah sweet.
    يتناهى من النافذة صوت مسلسل سوري كان التلفزيون يعرضه.
    Learns of the window sound series offered by Syrian television.
    هل المنزل مأهول؟
    Is the house unoccupied?
    نسأل مضيفتنا، فتقول إن بعض العمال الزراعيين يقطنوه اليوم.
    We ask our host, says that some of the agricultural workers Iqtnoh today.
    ومع أنك تظن أن القائد الكبير كان ليسرّ بإيواء عمال زراعيين في بيته المتواضع، إلا أنك تأسف على ما آل إليه البيت، وخاصة أن من أسكن العمال هنا لا شكّ في أنه لم ينطلق من التقويم أعلاه.
    Although you think that the great leader was pleased harboring farm workers in the modest home, but you have regrets what happened to him the house, and especially that of the workers live here do not doubt that it did not emanate from the calendar above.
    من أجلنا توقظ الزوجة رئيس البلدية، عقل الحلو.
    For us to awaken the mayor's wife, mind sweet.
    يروي الرجل الرواية ذاتها، ولكن مع تفاصيل أخرى، لكونه هو، كما قال لنا، من تسلّم كل موضوع التدقيق في إصابة الرجل.
    The man tells the same story, but with other details, because it is, as he told us, from receipt of each audit topic in hitting the man.
    يقول إن &#171;ر&#187; كان &#171;يطبّب نفسه بنفسه، فيتناول أدوية مضادة للالتهابات بكثرة، وإنه &#171;عمل فوجين دجاج&#187; من دون شغّيل معه، لا بل إنه كان أحياناً يعمل بالليل &#171;حتى يلحّق&#187;، فتعب كثيراً، وقد قال لي عندما رأى دماً في البول، إن معه بحصة في الكلية، فذهب إلى الطبيب، لكنه أخذ مضادات الالتهاب عشوائياً&#187;.
    Says that &#171;t&#187; The &#171;Itbb itself, deals with anti-inflammatories frequently, and that&#171; the work of two regiments Chicken &#187;without workman with it, but that he sometimes works at night&#171; even damage &#187;, Vtab a lot," he told me when he saw blood in urine, he had a stake in the college, he went to the doctor, but took antibiotics indiscriminately &#187;.
    وماذا أيضاً.
    And what else.
    يقول: &#171;لما بيّن معو H1N1 بالمختبر، تعارك مع المستشفى ورجع ع البيت.
    Says: &#171;inter-Mao H1N1 laboratory, scuffled with the hospital and returned home p.
    ثم أقنعه الطبيب بالذهاب إلى المستشفى.
    Then the doctor convinced him to go to the hospital.
    هوّي وناطر بالمعونات تيْدَبْرلو الحكيم محل غاب عن الوعي وبعدو غايب&#187;!
    Hui and Nater aid Tedberlo Hakim replace lost consciousness and the enemy is absent &#187;!
    لم نفهم: هل شخّصوا الفيروس في مستشفى المعونات في جبيل؟
    We did not understand: Is diagnosed with HIV in a hospital aid in Jbeil?
    قال: &#171;ما بيّن بالفحوصات بجبيل (!).
    He said: &#171;What the examination-Jbeil (!).
    لكنّ طبيبه طلب أن يرسل فحصاً لمستشفى الروم.
    But the doctor asked to be sent to a hospital examination of rum.
    أخذنا العيّنة (بصاق).
    Given the sample (sputum).
    أنا أخذتها، فطلعت النتيجة أنه مصاب بفيروس H1N1، أي أنفلونزا الخنازير، وبدأوا بعلاجه على هذا الأساس.
    I took it, Vtalaat result, he was infected with H1N1, a swine flu, and started treated him on that basis.
    على ضوء ذلك اتصلت بالدكتور شوقي الحلو، طبيب القضاء في وزارة الصحة، فتحرك مع أنها كانت عطلة، نحن اليوم (الأربعاء الماضي) بالأسبوع الثالث.
    Light sweet contacted Dr. Shawki, a doctor of the judiciary in the Ministry of Health, it was moved with the holiday, we are today (Wednesday) Week III.
    اتصلنا بوزارة الزراعة فأرسلوا وأخذوا عيّنة من المزرعة، كذلك أخذوا عيّنة من مزرعة خنازير في البلدة، لأن لغط الناس كثر.
    We contacted the Ministry of Agriculture and they sent a sample taken from the farm, as well as a sample taken from a pig farm in the town, because many people clamor.
    طلعت النتائج بعد 48 ساعة: ما في شي بالدجاج ولا بالخنازير&#187;.
    Talat results after 48 hours: what is in chicken and pig Xi &#187;.
    هل يقصد أنهم فحصوا الدجاج النافق؟
    Does he mean that they examined the dead chickens?
    يقول: &#171;لا نعرف أين دفن الدجاج، قصدت أنهم أخذوا عيّنات ريش من المزرعة&#187;.
    Says: &#171;We do not know where to bury the chicken, meant that they had taken samples of feathers from the farm&#187;.
    ولكن فلنلخّص: &#171;ر&#187; يربّي الدجاج لحساب شركة في مزرعة غير نظامية ولا تتوافر فيها الشروط الصحية، يصاب بأنفلونزا الخنازير، فيما مزرعة الخنازير غير مصابة.
    But Flanl_khas: &#171;t&#187; raising chickens for the company on a farm in non-formal and sanitary conditions, infected with swine flu, with non-infected pig farm.
    السؤال: من أين أتى الفيروس إذاً؟
    Question: Where did the virus come?
    وخاصة أن وصف المصاب أقرب إلى شخص لا يخرج من مزرعته إلا لبيته؟
    In particular that the description of the injured closer to the person who does not come from his ranch only to his home?
    يجيب: &#171;أصلاً الفيروس لم يعد يأتي من الحيوان، صار عم يجي من الصين وماليزيا وغيرها&#187;!.
    Answers: &#171;originally virus no longer comes from animals, it has become with Luigi from China, Malaysia and other&#187;!.
    يُكمل لنا أنه عندما تبيّن أن شقيق &#171;ر&#187; مصاب بالعدوى، أرسلوه إلى مستشفى الحريري ببيروت، لأنه لا أمكنة في مستشفى المعونات في جبيل، قعد هناك بضعة أيام حتى أبلّ من مرضه&#187;.
    Complement to us that when it was revealed that the brother of &#171;t&#187; an infected, they sent him to Hariri hospital in Beirut, it is not places in a hospital aid in Jubail, he sat for a few days until Apple illness &#187;.
    And today?
    كيف حال &#171;ر&#187;؟
    How is the &#171;t&#187;?
    يقول: &#171;لا يزال الحكيم يعطيه مخدراً ليبقى نائماً، لأن رئتيه متقرّحتان.
    Says: &#171;is still wise to keep giving him drugged asleep, because his lungs Mottagrahtan.
    وحسب الطبيب، فإن المخدر يوسّع الشرايين فيصل الأوكسيجين أكثر إلى الرأس...
    According to the doctor, the drug expands arteries Faisal more oxygen to the head ...
    اليوم وضعه جيد: مؤشراته جيدة، الحرارة ذهبت عنه، مفروض أن يوقظوه خلال 48 ساعة، لكن هناك خوف من أن تتمزّق الرئتان، ففيهما تليّف يخاف الطبيب أن يمزق الرئتين إذا سعل&#187;!
    Today, good condition: good indicators, temperature go about it, supposed to awaken him within 48 hours, but there is a fear that ruptures the lungs, in which there is cirrhosis of the doctor is afraid to rip the lungs if coughed &#187;!
    وماذا عن الأهالي؟
    What about parents?
    يجيب: &#171;هناك توجّه لإبعاد الناس عن الموضوع&#187;!
    Answers: &#171;There is a tendency to keep people on the subject&#187;!
    لكنّ الناس مذعورون والشائعات تنتشر، يقول ساخراً: &#171;إيه طاعون وجرذون وما بعرف شو...
    But people are scared and rumors spread, says sarcastically: &#171;er plague, and Jrdhun Baraf Shaw ...
    لكن صار لقاء مع العائلة لإقناعهم بألّا يختلطوا بالناس إلى أن يُنهوا علاج التاميفلو، ولقد تفهّمت العائلة الأمر.
    But should now be a meeting with the family to convince them not to mingle with people to complete their treatment Tamiflu, and I understood the family matter.
    الناس فزعانة ومن حقها، ولكن ماذا نفعل؟&#187;.
    Vzaaanp people and their right, but what do we do? &#187;.
    &#171;ر&#187; يربّي الدجاج لحساب شركة في مزرعة غير نظامية ولا تتوافر فيها الشروط الصحية
    &#171;T&#187; raising chickens for the company on a farm in an irregular does not have the health conditions
    يبقى سؤال، من أين أتت العدوى؟
    The question remains, where they came from infection?
    يقول: &#171;نحن نسأل كما كل الناس، وكلّ ما لدينا الجواب الرسمي&#187;.
    Says: &#171;We also ask all people, all we have the official answer&#187;.
    نسأله إن كانت لديه نسخة من الفحوص المخبرية، يغيب لدقائق ويعود بنسخة من التقريرين: الأول مصدره مستشفى الروم ويقول إن المريض مصاب بفيروس H1N1، والثاني من مختبر الفنار التابع لوزارة الزراعة يفيد بأنّ &#171;عينات الريش والبراز التي أُخذت من المزرعة خالية من الفيروس&#187;.
    Ask him if he had a copy of the laboratory tests, missing for a few minutes and return a copy of the reports: the first comes from Hospital rum and says that the patient was infected with H1N1, the second laboratory Lighthouse of the Ministry of Agriculture to the effect that &#171;samples feathers and feces taken from the farm free of the virus&#187;.
    وأين الطيور النافقة؟
    And where the dead birds?
    هل فُحصت؟
    Do you check?
    يجيب: &#171;لا نعرف، &#171;ر&#187; وحده يعرف، وهو غائب عن الوعي.
    Answer: &#171;We do not know,&#171; t &#187;alone knows, which is absent from consciousness.
    ربما دفنها أخوه؟
    Perhaps buried his brother?
    لكني سألته وقال إنه لا يعرف.
    I asked him and said he did not know.
    ربما وضعها في أكياس الزبالة وراحت بكميون الزبالة؟
    May be placed in garbage bags and began to commune junk?
    ما بعرف.
    I do not know.
    أنا إلي الفحوصات&#187;.
    I am for testing &#187;.
    وماذا عن المزرعة الأخرى التي لا تبعد أكثر من 50 متراً عن الأولى؟
    What about the other farm, located not more than 50 meters from the first?
    يقول: &#171;لا مشكلة فيها لأنها مقفلة وتهوئتها جيدة&#187;.
    Says: &#171;No problem, since it was unlocked and Thuitha good&#187;.
    يضيف: &#171;هلّق الناس ربطت بين ما حصل عند &#171;ر&#187; وما أصابه.
    He adds: &#171;people they're linked between what happened at the&#171; R &#187;and the afflicted.
    يعني أنه في اليومين الماضيين، ولما كبرت الدجاجات وصار بدو يسلّمهم نفقوا.
    Means that in the past two days, and when I grew up as chickens and became nomads surrender them had died.
    الهوا (تشيكن) بلّغ أن هذا الأمر طبيعي بهذا العمر&#187;!
    Hawa (Chicken) was that this is normal in this age &#187;!
    وماذا عن ذعر الأهالي؟
    What about the people panic?
    يقول: &#171;حالة الذعر قطّعت، وزارة الصحة لم تقصّر.
    Says: &#171;panic cut, and the Ministry of Health did not fail.

    They asked me if we should raise awareness seminar to be sent from doing so, but there was impossible, because we had between 24 July and August, the first sports festival (!) And Kyi pulls people from the festival and the festival walker not Zabtp &#187;.
    On our faces was the silence is no doubt clear, and we tried to silence disguised businesses registered voluntarily this time to drink the juice, which she was a woman of the house had placed Okwabh us.
    <hr style="text-align: left; direction: ltr;" noshade="noshade">
    مهرجان ما بعد الإصابة
    Festival of post-traumatic
    Zuhair Pro, the President of the Consumer Association, the first step on which he bases on how to act is the resolution of the type of virus: &#171;if the bird flu in an environment that grew up in a lot of birds, of course, then you must take preventive action in terms of disposal of birds and all the consequent action identified by the Ministry of Health.
    If the swine flu issue is less serious, except in the case of new cases in the town.
    If emerged, emergency measures must be taken seriously.
    As for the theme of the festival, it was completely the wrong decision it continued, especially as it came after seeing the type of virus that is contagious.

    It was dangerous to allow large gatherings in the town affected.

    It is possible to cause a catastrophe &#187;.

    The first thing that tells us the patient's doctor &#171;t&#187; that he could not disclose his condition secret committed to the profession.

    But is not the issue of public safety?

    Says: &#171;So far, prefer not to tell information.

    We are in the process of controlling things social and health &#187;.

    He adds: &#171;the patient in recovery phase, no one else injured&#187;, but did not examine other, non-family.
    Says: &#171;There is no doubt there was bad management of the farm resulting from the culture of health.

    A specialist on the beginning I thought it was bird flu, but check the swine flu was positive.

    Said that he had an (alien?) Is probably the transfer of the virus to him.

    I do not know, to tell us wakes up &#187;.
    Contact a doctor of the judiciary, Shawki, sweet, and we ask for the actions taken by the Ministry of Health of the Public Safety replies: &#171;isolated patient in the first place and began to give Tamiflu ...Injury was strange because it is not in season, as for public safety, we gave each of the patient come into contact with treatment, thankfully walking away.

    As well as we told the people: What Approach to Ohlo even looked on test results.

    We asked the parents to accept a temporary isolation, a virus normally if we start early treatment &#187;.

    Is it likely to be caused by infection Farm &#171;t&#187;?

    Says: &#171;certainly do not.
    We contacted the Ministry of Agriculture, and came immediately and took the samples and the results were negative at the farm &#187;, but people said that there are clean farm the night before the arrival of the ministry, as well as we do not know where to bury the dead birds.
    Answers: &#171;That man and I dwell Baraf Shaw Pingy.

    This newsgroups is not serious.
    We are astonished that they explicitly swine flu.
    We are all expected to be avian influenza.

    But do not &#187;.

    What about to inform the World Health Organization?

    Answers: &#171;we talked to them and taking their opinion and what should we do, and we have coordinated with them, such as the Ministry of Health to rectify any additional injuries&#187;.