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Jordan - Health officials deny woman died from bird flu - December 14, 2017

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  • Jordan - Health officials deny woman died from bird flu - December 14, 2017

    Health Jordan" denies the death of a woman with "bird flu"

    The Jordanian Ministry of Health denied today the death of a woman with bird flu which was reported without confirming the information from its reliable sources, confirming that it has not recorded any infection of bird flu in the Kingdom since 2006, where the injury was then an expatriate of Arab nationality. Hatem al-Azra'i said in a statement: "The circulation of information mixed between avian and seasonal flu," explaining that Thalithia was infected with seasonal flu, and was transferred to a private hospital in the capital, "Amman" due to complications of pneumonia and died as a result not because of avian influenza, Was circulated. " For his part, Director of the Directorate of Communicable Diseases in the Ministry, Dr. Mohammed Al-Lat Al-Lat, that the Ministry conducted the necessary epidemiological survey, explaining that the monitoring conducted by the Ministry of respiratory diseases indicates that the pattern of flu this year as in previous years is seasonal influenza, "according to The official Petra news agency reported. "Sometimes in some cases with seasonal flu complications such as pneumonia, especially older people, pregnant women, children with chronic diseases and immunodeficiency, sometimes occur.