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Iraq: Bird flu blamed for deaths of tens of thousands of chickens

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    Diyala: Containing a hotbed of bird flu and eliminating 5,000 chickens in the province
    Author: ahad5 on 7/19/2021 - 10:42 AM 8

    Today, Monday, the Director of the Veterinary Hospital in Diyala, Riyad Al-Tai, revealed that an outbreak of bird flu, northwest of Baquba, had been contained, and 5,000 chickens were disposed of as part of the containment plan.

    Al-Taie said in a press interview followed by “Al-Ahd News”, that “after the emergence of a laboratory-diagnosed H5N8 bird flu infection in the central laboratory of the Veterinary Department of a carnivorous poultry field, in the village of Al-Huwaish near Hehabb district (20 km northwest of Baquba), the local operations room in The veterinary hospital, in coordination with the relevant departments, supervised the process of exterminating infected chickens and getting rid of the deaths in the field and closing it,” noting that “a total of more than 5,000 chickens were exterminated.”

    Al-Taei added, "The infection is the third that has been monitored during the past weeks in the Al-Huwaish area and the sixth at the level of Diyala this year, but it was contained through a series of preventive measures, including taking a written pledge from the breeder not to breed in the field for a period of 90 days, in addition to the process of burying the dead." It is carried out through deep digging according to mechanisms approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.”

    He pointed out that "there is a follow-up to all the fields in the Al-Huwaish area and the rest of Diyala areas in order to avoid any further injuries, stressing that the situation so far is reassuring."

    It is noteworthy that bird flu is a disease caused by a type of influenza virus that has evolved and adapted in the bodies of birds, and the most dangerous type of this virus is severe bird flu (HPAI).