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Iraq - Officials deny hospitalized patient is suspected bird flu - Basra - October 20, 2019

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  • Iraq - Officials deny hospitalized patient is suspected bird flu - Basra - October 20, 2019

    October 20, 2019

    Baghdad Today - Basra

    A Bangladeshi worker suspected of having `` bird flu '' has been detained in a hospital in central Basra, a source in the Basra Health Directorate said on Sunday.

    The source told (Baghdad today), "The arrest of a Bangladeshi worker suspected of contracting bird flu in Basra, and Harzaleh inside the educational hospital in the central province."

    He pointed out that "the Bengali is currently undergoing tests inside the hospital," explaining that "the symptoms show him indicate bird flu."

    بغداد اليوم وكالة اخبارية عراقية مستقلة في خطابها وتمويلها وغير مرتبطة بأي جهة عراقية او عربية او اجنبية، هدفها ايصال المعلومة والخبر بحيادية تامة بعيداً عن الطائفية والانحياز القومي او العرقي او الديني او المذهبي.

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    Government denies bird flu but admits patient is hospitalized in intensive care.

    The Health Department of Basra denied on Sunday that a Bangladeshi patient carrying bird flu virus had been admitted to Sadr Teaching Hospital, according to some social media pages.

    In a statement received by Al-Basrah Health Department, Dr. Abbas Khalaf Al-Tamimi instructed the director of the Public Health Department to form a committee to be administered by the Director of Public Health. Dr. Ziad Tariq and the Director of the Operations Department and the Inspection Department to follow up the condition where the team performed the necessary, denying at the same time denying the "patient with the epidemic influenza as reported by some social media."

    According to the statement, the committee was formed to follow up the patient's condition. "It has led to lung deficits, which are still in intensive care at Sadr Teaching Hospital."