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Iraq - Conflicting government reports about bird flu in Basra province - May 6, 2019

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  • Iraq - Conflicting government reports about bird flu in Basra province - May 6, 2019

    Updated 06/05/2019 5:47 pm

    Baghdad: " Today News "
    The Basra Provincial Council on Monday lied to the Ministry of Agriculture's Veterinary Department's statement on the spread of bird flu in the province, which was considered to be behind the commercial competition to hit the local livestock.
    Council member Mohammed al-Mansouri said in a press statement that "Basra province has not recorded any infection among its citizens with bird flu so far," pointing out that "the disease ended in full presence in the province of Basra several years ago."
    He added that "the statement of the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture on the spread of bird flu in the province is a liar and stands behind the bodies trying to hit the local livestock to enter poultry imported from abroad," noting that "talk about bird flu is mere rumors and not reality and stands behind commercial competition" .
    The Department of Veterinary Affairs in the Ministry of Agriculture has announced on Monday, received the results of laboratory tests sent to the former London to confirm the diagnosis of bird flu infection in the province of Basra, while noting that the results of tests of the Department came in line with laboratory tests conducted in London , On the diseases diagnosed in the province of Pavluna birds.

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    Ministry of Agriculture issues clarifications on bird flu cases
    Iraqi News Network:
    The Ministry of Agriculture denied on Tuesday reports of bird flu.
    The ministry's spokesman, Hamid Nayef, said in a statement that the news is baseless. He said that what was published by the veterinary department regarding the conformity of its tests in Basra with the laboratory tests in London was the one case that occurred in the bird market months ago As a result of the entry of live poultry smuggled into the province and was encircled and diagnosed in time.
    He added that "for the sake of conformity was taken samples and sent to the laboratory (Weyborg) in London for comparison with the laboratory tests central in the Department of Veterinary one of the formations of the Ministry of Agriculture, and these days the results are identical to what was diagnosed at the time," describing the publication of the news in This time is for "well-known" purposes


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      The veterinary department announces that its results are in line with the results of the Weyborg International Laboratory on bird flu

      The veterinary department of one of the formations of the Ministry of Agriculture reported that the results of its tests for highly pathogenic avian influenza in the city of Basra with the tests of reference laboratories approved in London

      In his statement, Director General of the Department of Veterinary Dr. Salah Fadel Abbas said that the Department of Veterinary had previously reported one new case of high-pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) in the market selling live birds in the city of Basra.

      The director general added that it was done
      The diagnosis of the infection in the Central Veterinary Service laboratories was sent for confirmation to the World Animal Health Organization (WHO)-approved reference laboratories in London The Weybridge laboratory and the result was identical to our tests.

      At the same time, another test was carried out for the genetic analysis of the virus, which was found to be close to the virus that swept Europe, Russia and the Middle East but closer to the isolated virus in Egypt and the Israeli entity, where the (CLADE) of the vairos (, which is different from the isolated foiros clan in 2016, was installed.

      Dr. Abbas confirmed that his department controlled the center of infection in the governorate by nail the efforts of the workers in the educational veterinary hospital in Basra and the speed of their treatment in containing the infection, assuring the citizens that there is no injury in Iraq and Basra in particular.

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      Veterinary denies any bird flu infection and confirms that Iraq is free from the disease

      Department of Agriculture, one of the formations of the Ministry of Agriculture, recently denied that a person had a bird flu disease in Basra, confirming at the same time that Iraq is completely free from any human or animal infection with the bird flu disease.

      A statement by Dr. Salah Fadel Abbas, the general manager of Al-Baitra department, said that the investigations and examinations she performed and performed Hospitals and veterinary clinics all over Iraq have not reported any infection during the previous period.

      Dr. Abbas added in his statement that the last infection appeared on 27/3/2019 in a live bird market in Basra province where the infection was of live birds that were illegally entering the province and not human infection, and then the department mobilized its staff in Basra's veterinary educational hospital and quickly contained the situation, then sent samples to the department's central laboratory in Baghdad and the infection was diagnosed with the disease of high-pathological bird flu (H5N8) and sent the samples for confirmation to reference laboratories approved globally by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) / Weybridge laboratories in London and the results were identical to that of Our commands.

      It is worth mentioning that our laboratories, veterinary centers and our staff have received several commendations from the World Animal Health Organization for its rapid handling of this case and similar cases before, which kept Iraq away from the serious disease despite the presence of several foci of disease in neighboring countries and the organization's testimony.

      The statement said that a news agency reports that there is a human case of the disease, which the veterinarian categorically denies. At the same time, he hopes that agencies and other media will investigate the accuracy of the publication and extract the news from sources approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Veterinary Service.

      At the same time, the department stresses transparency in dealing with any disease, if any, in order to avoid any possible human injury. / is over

      Veterinary Information and Guidance Division

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