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IRAQ - "Basra clean from the disease avian influenza"

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  • IRAQ - "Basra clean from the disease avian influenza"

    Google-translated from Arabic:

    News: Basra clean from the disease avian influenza
    May 15, 2007

    Director of veterinary hospital in Basra yesterday, Monday, to maintain a clean bird flu disease, with no recorded casualties of this disease throughout the districts and Basra. He added that Dr. Mushtaq Halve in situ tests conducted throughout Basra proved that there were no injuries H5N1 (Ashe 5 to 1), the cause of avian influenza disease in poultry or whether other birds. He explained that have been examined half a million [نصف مليون] samples to date from the various types of birds to make sure they are safe from this disease. The director of veterinary hospital to the continuing work of the medical teams formed in collaboration with the health of Basra for the purpose of surveillance and investigation in the city center and the northern districts and border crossings with the States of Kuwait Saudi Arabia to face possible entry of this disease to Iraq. The news outlets in Basra outbreak of avian influenza disease in the areas of the monastery Qurnah, north of the city, as has the incidence of the disease in the State of Kuwait's neighboring eyes to mobilize health authorities in the maintenance procedures to prevent transmission of the disease to where a health directorate Basra operations room to monitor developments in this matter.
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