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Publication Date 19-NOV-2010
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Avian influenza - Armenia (Yerevan)

Date: November 19, 2010
From: ProMED-mail correspondent. BM
Source:, November 18, 2010 [edited]
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Chicken Plague [avian influenza] is registered in the south of Armenia - Gosvetinspektsiya
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YEREVAN, November 18 - News-Armenia. Chicken plague is registered in the Syunik region in the south of Armenia, said the Chief State Inspectorate for Animal Health and Food Safety, Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia Grigor Bahia in an interview with Armenian Public Television.
Disease of poultry usual chicken plague recorded in three villages in the Syunik region - Bardzravan, Balak, Shagat. In the village Bardzravan plague was registered six months ago. Back in September, signs of the disease poultry plague were reported in Aragatsotn region of Armenia.

This is a common plague, which infects all types of poultry. There is the possibility of preventive measures, in particular, through appropriate vaccines, which have quite a positive effect ", - said Bahia.
According to him, the farmers would not be necessary for treatment, if poultry were made in advance of the necessary vaccinations.
Bahia said that the Government of Armenia in connection with the crisis by 50% to reduce financing for the purchase of vaccines under government orders, in addition, outside of the state order remained as such drugs as leptospirosis, leukemia.
He also said that pharmacies no shortage of medicines and farmers have to buy their own funds.
The head of the inspection also said that even with vaccination of infected animals signs of the disease eliminated in a few hours.
Similar cases of infection in poultry usual plague also recorded in the Lori and Gegharkunik. The last major epidemic of fowl plague in Armenia was registered in 2005-2006.
With regard to the Armenian poultry farms, and there cases of plague have been reported, since all birds vaccinated in a timely manner from various diseases.
In connection with the spread of the disease is not expected to seriously deaths of birds in the country, although the greatest threat to susceptible birds that are found in backyards, because of what the vets advise as quickly as possible to vaccinate poultry.
[Comment Corr. VM. The outbreak of an infectious disease that struck chickens in Armenia - is a common plague of birds, which can infect poultry. The virus of this disease Onoshi to the genus influenza A viruses, the family ortomiksovirusov, pathogenic for chickens, humans can cause flu. - Corr. VM]