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Saudi Arabia - A mysterious disease kills camels in North Dawadmi, Riyadh Province

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  • Saudi Arabia - A mysterious disease kills camels in North Dawadmi, Riyadh Province

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    24 May 2018 - 9 Ramadan 1439The time now is 11:38 PM

    A mysterious disease kills a flock of camels for a citizen of North Dawadmi

    14 of them have been eliminated and the number is increasing after the failure of the drugs

    Fahd Al - Ghobawi - Al - Dawadmi 0 14,411

    A mysterious disease of an ibex belonging to a citizen north of the province of Dawadmi has caused the death of some of them, while others suffer from the same symptoms and their condition is difficult and medicines have not succeeded in treating them.

    Mohammed al-Hafi al-Otaibi said that the disease suddenly hit camels and showed signs in the abdomen and blood coming out with their waste, and then develops to prevent them from standing up and standing up to eliminate it.

    Al-Otaibi added that he has so far lost 14 girdles, while the same symptoms have appeared on 11 others, some of which are at an advanced stage and are currently unable to stand. They have taken medication from the veterinary pharmacy from time to time but have found no benefit.

    He added that he informed the Department of Agriculture in Al-Dawadmi about this situation. The doctors started the site and samples were taken and sent to Riyadh. However, the delay in the results of the absence of a toxicology laboratory in Al-Dawadmi may cost me the whole camel if the disease is spread as it is now.

    The citizen of the agricultural labs called for urgency to show the results and determine the disease that killed them, and give them appropriate treatment.
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