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Iran - Media report: Health Ministry announces the loss of control of COVID-19 after the spread of the "new strain" - April 5, 2021

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  • Iran - Media report: Health Ministry announces the loss of control of COVID-19 after the spread of the "new strain" - April 5, 2021

    Iranian Health Ministry announces the loss of control of Corona after the spread of the new strain

    Monday ? 05 April 2021 10:38 AM

    The Iranian Minister of Health, Saeed Namaki, announced that the Iranian health system has lost the initiative in controlling the Coronavirus "Covid-19", especially after the spread of the new strain of the global epidemic in some provinces, and the leap in the numbers of deaths and injuries.

    According to IRNA, the Iranian official said: "Today we lost the initiative in controlling the Corona pandemic in the country, our conditions have become very difficult and it is not known when we will be able to control this stubborn and unruly virus again."

    He added, "We are facing the worst waves of Corona ... before the celebrations of the beginning of the new year, no one listened to us in order to control movement and travel between cities, and today we face a very serious problem."

    Iran had announced that a fourth wave of the Coronavirus pandemic had begun to spread in the western and central regions of the country as a result of large-scale travel and celebrations during the Iranian New Year holiday.

    "A fourth wave of Coronavirus has already started in many parts of the west and center of the country and is advancing in the east direction," Health Ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Larry told state television.

    Yesterday, Sunday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that 11,680 new cases of Coronavirus had been recorded, and 161 people had died during the past 24 hours, amid warnings of a fourth wave of Corona that would spread faster than previous waves.

    The Iranian Ministry of Health spokeswoman, Sima Sadat Larry, announced the latest official statistics of injuries and deaths caused by the emerging corona virus in the country, today, Sunday, as she confirmed the registration of 11,680 new infections, and the death of 161 people, during the past 24 hours.

    For his part, Iranian Assistant Minister of Health, Iraj Harirchi, said that "the number of deaths due to the Corona virus in the country will increase several times within 4 to 6 weeks ... because the fourth wave of Corona will be a faster outbreak than previous waves."

    In turn, the head of the anti-Corona headquarters in the capital, Tehran, Ali Reza Zali, said: "We will soon impose strict restrictions on all religious ceremonies, festivals, exhibitions and the permanence of work in institutions, due to the exacerbation of the Corona outbreak crisis in recent days and entering the fourth wave of the virus.

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    From the Iran government news agency....I do not see any specific mutated strain identified....


    Today (Monday), the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education warned against the increase of positive coronary cases in the country, saying: "We are facing one of the most severe coronary waves. The health system is facing challenging times.
    Saeed Namaki, stating that the management and administration of Corona was one of the most breathtaking years for us in the field of health, added: "We are losing my most valuable colleagues due to the negligence and normalcy of some people, and this is a great sorrow and suffering."
    Regarding the management of coronary heart disease, he said: "Universities of medical sciences and health staff were present on the scene and applied a management that will be recorded in the history of the country; We have entered a new arena and I see this wave as much more terrible than what some friends see.

    The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education also stressed in a letter to the presidents of medical universities the need to review the door-to-door identification plan for people with coronary heart disease in a neighborhood-based manner after the fluid population has settled.
    After the Nowruz holidays and trips, the fourth wave of corona in the country is progressing rapidly, and according to the repeated recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the use of masks, observing distance, not attending periods, is the only way to prevent infection. To Covid 19.


    He added that the mutated corona is spinning in all cities: the number of hospitalizations and outpatients is on the rise, too, and the continuation of this trend will determine the catastrophic situation.



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      According to researchers at University College London, the Pangolin variant of the virus is about 100x as infectious as the currently circulating human ones, so a much more dangerous possible. ( ).
      Hopefully Iran is not seeing early signs of such an emergence.


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        Iran's infections jump after new year holidays – latest updates
        • 8 HOURS AGO
        Monday, April 5

        Iran's infections jump after new year holidays

        Iran's number of daily new infections has reached a four-month high as the capital Tehran was put on the highest virus risk level, with authorities blaming increased travelling.

        The Islamic republic is battling the Middle East's deadliest coronavirus outbreak, and case numbers have risen following a surge in trips during the Iranian new year holidays that started on March 18.

        In the past 24 hours, 13,890 new cases were recorded, Health Ministry spokesperson Sima Sadat Lari said in televised remarks.

        Kosovo approves new anti-virus measures

        Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti has announced new restrictions to stop the spread of the virus.

        The new measures, which take effect on Tuesday, include restrictions on movement between 2000 GMT and 0300 GMT (10pm and 5am local time) and the closures of schools and restaurants.

        Kurti said the restrictions were needed slow the spread of the virus and to stop hospitals from reaching capacity...


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          Regime’s Health Ministry: The situation in Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, and Shiraz is red, the number of people infected to COVID-19 reached 14,000 last night
          Mrs. Maryam Rajavi: Khamenei has ultimate responsibility for the massive death toll in Iran
          • Saeed Namaki, regime’s Health Minister: Today we are facing one of the most horrific COVID-19 waves. We cannot predict what hospitalizations will be and it is not clear what awaits us. There are not enough resources and they (the Government) did not give us the fund for various reasons.
          • Iraj Harirchi, regime’s Deputy Health Minister: Currently, 88 cities are red, 139 are orange and 198 are yellow. Infections and hospitalizations used to grow gradually and step by step. Now, it is rising exponentially like an elevator.
          • Nader Tavakoli, deputy head of the National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce (NCCT) in Tehran: The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Tehran has doubled, all hospitals are on alert.
          • Head of Shariati Hospital in Tehran: The COVID-19 situation in the past 48 hours is terrible and shocking. We must prepare for very difficult days.
          • Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences: We have a 250% increase in admission and hospitalization of COVID-19 patients compared to the first day of the Persian New Year, March 21, 2021.
          • Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) offered her heartfelt condolences and empathy to the families of the COVID-19 victims. She said that the horrific and new wave of Coronavirus, with more victims every day, is due to the criminal and plundering policies of the clerical regime. Khamenei has ultimate responsibility for the massive death toll. With astonishing cruelty, Khamenei banned the import of the British and American vaccines into the country, while refusing to provide the bare minimums for workers from hundreds of billions of dollars pillaged wealth of the Iranian people, amassed in institutions he controls. In doing so, he has forced them to go to the COVID-19 killing field to make ends meet. Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that as long as this regime is in power it will neither protect the people from the consequences of floods, earthquakes and diseases, nor from the growing poverty, inflation and unemployment. She called on the youth of the country to show solidarity and help the sick and the vulnerable...


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            Iran faces fourth Covid wave after millions travel for Nowruz holiday

            Iran is set for yet another spike [Getty]

            Date of publication: 5 April, 2021

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            Iran is braced for a fourth coronavirus wave after millions of people travelled across the country for new years celebrations despite authorities urging social distancing.

            Millions of Iranians travelled across country to visit family and friends to celebrate Persian new year holiday, prompting a spike in coronavirus cases as the country is braced for another wave of infections.
            Two provinces are already suffering a fourth wave, Alborz near Tehran and Ilam, in the West, the country's health ministry has said.

            Some 15,000 people who knew they were infected with Covid-19 after testing positive at registered labs, travelled during Nowruz, the health ministry revealed....
            In the past 24 hours, 13,890 new cases were confirmed across the country, ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari said in televised remarks.

            It is the highest number of daily infections since 4 December and close to the peak of 14,051 positive cases recorded on 28 November.

            The country is battling the Middle East's deadliest outbreak of the Covid-19 illness and case numbers have risen following a surge in travel during the Iranian new year holidays that started on 21 March.

            Tehran is now classified as "red" on the country's coronavirus risk scale along with 47 other cities, according to the hea....




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