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‘Lockdown babies’ replaced by ‘anti baby-boom’ amid vaccination rollout: UAE doctors

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  • ‘Lockdown babies’ replaced by ‘anti baby-boom’ amid vaccination rollout: UAE doctors

    Jennifer Bell, Al Arabiya English
    Wednesday 13 January 2021

    A mass rollout of vaccinations against COVID-19 will see couples delay plans to have babies as priorities change to beating the virus, UAE doctors have told Al Arabiya English.

    In the UAE, the government plans to vaccinate more than 50 percent of the population against COVID-19, using the Sinopharm COVID-19 or Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccines.

    Women receiving the vaccination – which is voluntary – are advised not to get pregnant for the first three months after the second dose.

    Dr Meera Anto, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at the International Modern Hospital in Dubai said: “With our lives revolving round the effects of the virus and with the vaccinations starting to take place, prospective parents are deferring baby plans to prioritize beating the virus.”

    ... According to the latest guidelines published by the Dubai Health Authority on its website, “women planning to get pregnant in the near future (three months from the date of taking the vaccine)” are in the “vaccine excluded groups.”

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    Cela, ce sont les conseils des hommes aux femmes, dans un pays machiste*:

    je souhaiterai lire les ressentis et les conseils, des femmes ...

    * il parait que comme "tous" les hommes, je le suis,au moins un peu.

    En effet j'appr?cie les "machas" ...