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Sugar in the blood can be measured in tears

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    Sugar in the blood can be measured in tears

    If successful a new sensor to measure glucose, diabetics would no longer undergo the painful process of pricking her finger ten times a day.

    A group of researchers from the University of Michigan developed a sensor that can detect tears of glucose levels in blood are patients with diabetes.

    The study was implemented in rabbits showed glucose levels in the tears obtained similar results with a blood sample.

    In the magazine Analitycal Chemistry, the experts noted: "It is possible to measure the tear glucose levels several times a day to monitor changes in blood glucose without the constant pain caused by the traditional method of a finger prick" .

    The doctors also noted that with the passage of time can become pinched fingers remain sensitive and vulnerable to any infection.

    The findings of the doctors are essential for people with type 1 diabetes can not produce the hormone insulin. In this particular case, they need to constantly monitor the levels of sugar in your blood.

    So far the cut in the skin is the only sure method to monitor glucose levels and allows patients to know whether they need an injection of insulin.

    If sugar levels are very low type 1 diabetes may develop hypoglycemia, a pathology that can lead to coma or death if not treated as they should.

    People with type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin to control sugar levels in the blood. They can be treated with a healthy diet and exercise. This sector needs only performed tests twice a week if they feel their blood sugar levels are out of control.