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    Neighborhood Watch Program

    The Neighborhood Watch Program is a highly successful effort that has been in existence for more than thirty years in cities and counties across America. It provides a unique infrastructure that brings together local officials, law enforcement and citizens to protect our communities.
    Around the country, neighbors for three decades have banded together to create Neighborhood Watch programs. They understand that the active participation of neighborhood residents is a critical element in community safety - not through vigilantism, but simply through a willingness to look out for suspicious activity in their neighborhood, and report that activity to law enforcement and to each other. In doing so, residents take a major step toward reclaiming high-crime neighborhoods, as well as making people throughout a community feel more secure and less fearful.
    In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the need for strengthening and securing our communities has become even more critical, and Neighborhood Watch groups have taken on greater significance. In addition to serving a crime prevention role, Neighborhood Watch can also be used as the basis for bringing neighborhood residents together to focus on disaster preparedness as well as terrorism awareness; to focus on evacuation drills and exercises; and even to organize group training, such as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.
    Many neighborhoods already have established Neighborhood Watch programs that are vibrant and effective. For those that do not, Citizen Corps and the renewed emphasis on citizen preparedness may provide the incentive for them to participate in this important community-based effort on behalf of their friends and neighbors. And when you help your neighbors, you help the nation.

    Be part of the Neighborhood Watch Program.
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    Re: Neighborhood Watch Info.

    No Neighborhood watch in my town

    and look at this from the town website:

    Come to Town Hall and meet emergency personnel!

    Activities for children include:
    Tours of the fire house and police department
    Emergency vehicle and equipment demonstrations
    ?Flashy the Fire Dog? robotic display
    Kids Home Safety Trailer
    Photo opportunities
    Seat belt safety information
    Interactive fire safety games, door prices and much more!!

    For the adults:
    Police officers will be available to conduct child seat installations and discuss crime prevention activities
    Firefighters will demonstrate residential fire sprinklers and live fire extinguisher training
    Free blood pressure readings will be given by EMS personnel
    Public health officials will provide pamphlets on emergency preparedness
    Watch for more details in the newspaper!


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      Re: Neighborhood Watch Info.

      Goju -

      Call back again and ask for the Community Services or Resources officer. Tell him/her that you want to start a Neighborhood Watch program.