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Detainees Sue Arkansas Jail That Gave Them Ivermectin to Treat Covid

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  • Detainees Sue Arkansas Jail That Gave Them Ivermectin to Treat Covid

    For months, the jail’s doctor has promoted the drug, which health experts say should not be used to treat or prevent Covid-19.

    Jan. 17, 2022
    By Eduardo Medina

    Detainees at an Arkansas jail who had Covid-19 were unknowingly treated by the detention center’s doctor with ivermectin, a drug that health officials have continually said is dangerous and should not be used to treat or prevent a coronavirus infection, according to a federal lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of four detainees.

    The four men — Dayman Blackburn, Julio Gonzales, Jeremiah Little and Edrick Floreal-Wooten — say in the lawsuit that after testing positive for the coronavirus in August, they were taken to the “quarantine block” of the Washington County Detention Center and given a “cocktail of drugs” twice a day by Dr. Robert Karas, who runs Karas Correctional Health, the jail’s health provider.

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    And they are alive now, unlike prisoners in jails that didn't use early treatments. The basis of the lawsuit is lack of informed consent, which I agree is important. ACLU is going beyond their mission in making treatment decisions for the inmates. That is medical politics.
    Sullivan said now they are asking the court to enter an injunction to Washington County, Sheriff Helder, and Dr. Karis to stop the administration of ivermectin in the jail.
    There was someone from the Fayetteville VA on Twitter obsessed with removing Dr. Karis from the VA's contract doctor list. She wanted to go after his license, too. Yet here is what the Fayetteville VA considers to be a fit doctor to treat our veterans:
    VA Hospital Allowed Alcoholic Pathologist to Go Unchallenged, Resulting in Patient Deaths: Watchdog

    There was also a widow who sued a contract oncologist at that VA who told her husband no further treatment was needed after a cancerous tumor was removed from his esophagus without obtaining clean margins. Anyone familiar with cancer SOC's knows what a screw-up that was. It wasn't long before that veteran could not swallow. The cancer was beyond treatment then. The judge said the facts of the case had merit, but she was beyond the statute of limitations.

    Congress needs to investigate the Fayetteville branch of the VA and the ACLU should stick to the informed consent issue so they don't give other ACLU branches a had name.

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    Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic.

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