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New Website for Central PA!

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  • New Website for Central PA!

    Introducing Pandemic Watch: Central PA

    Watching the quick unfolding of events, with the H1N1 outbreak, this past couple of weeks, I realized there was a need for 'local' dissemination of information.

    So, I've set up a new website to track pre-panflu and panflu happenings in the Central PA area.

    Residents of the Central PA area or 'Midstate' can go to:

    You'll find information on local community awareness events, univeristy & college pandemic plans for the Central PA area, reports on local outbreaks & general state information.

    The site includes a fourm, which will be great for folks from the Central PA area to log on and share informatation with each other to help keep fellow midstate 'neighbors' informed (which may be really helpful, in a rapidly unfolding event).

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    Re: New Website for Central PA!

    I've found that current events have outgrown the formatting of this website. I have moved to the familiar 'forum' format and ALL of Pennsylvania is on this site, in one place (at least as much as I could find).

    I invite others to share any current Pennsylvania pandemic info on this site!