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    Get prepared for an emergency with online courses

    Sunday, June 29, 2008 | No comments posted.

    MERRILLVILLE | American Red Cross of Northwest Indiana Chapter now offers online Internet-based emergency preparedness training. Twenty-two courses are currently offered online.

    Simply type into an Internet browser and hit enter to go directly to the Red Cross Emergency Preparedness online training site.

    New Indiana State laws require all teachers to become certified in Standard First Aid and Adult and Child CPR. All sports coaches are also required to be certified, and every health club is required to have a trained person present during all open hours.

    In addition, professionals in child welfare agencies, early childhood and childcare centers, medicine, law enforcement, firefighting, public safety, and the skilled trades require both basic and advanced certifications to safely perform their jobs and meet professional requirements.

    The American Red Cross online training helps teachers and other professionals meet these professional requirements and offers a scientifically based course and professional certification that is universally recognized and adheres to the highest training standards.

    Students can register, make payment, take classes and, if required for that course, come into a nearby Red Cross chapter for a skills test to receive their certification.

    Online courses are: Adult CPR; Adult CPR & Basic First AidAdult CPR & AED; Adult CPR, Basic First Aid & AED; Adult/Child CPR; Adult/Child CPR & Basic First Aid; Adult/Child CPR with AED; Adult/Child CPR, Basic First Aid & AED; Adult/Child/Infant CPR; Adult/Child/Infant CPR & Basic First Aid; Adult/Child/Infant CPR, Basic First Aid & Universal Precautions; Child/Infant CPR & Basic First Aid; Adult/Child/Infant CPR, Basic First Aid, Universal Precautions & AED; Child/Infant CPR; CPR Professional; Rescuer & AED; AED Essentials; Basic First Aid; Basic First Aid and Universal Precautions; Oxygen Administration; Universal Precautions; Pandemic Preparedness and.Basic Aid Training (BAT).

    The online training link is live in several places on the Red Cross web site at More classes are being developed and placed online every month.

    In-person Red Cross courses for professional certification taught by certified Red Cross instructors are also offered at the chapter offices on a regular basis, and courses can be scheduled at the workplace for employee groups by calling David Whitesell at (219) 756-5360 from 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    Members of the public are encouraged to take these courses to be better prepared in case of family emergencies and to increase the health, safety, and emergency preparedness of all of our communities. The Pandemic Preparedness course is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about how to prepared for potential outbreak of Pandemic Flu.

    The American Red Cross of Northwest Indiana serves more than 540,000 people in Lake, Newton, and Jasper counties.

    - For The Times