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CIDRAP- EU global health strategy highlights antimicrobial resistance

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  • CIDRAP- EU global health strategy highlights antimicrobial resistance

    EU global health strategy highlights antimicrobial resistance

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    Antimicrobial Stewardship
    Nov 30, 2022

    A new document outlining the European Union (EU) global health strategy indicates that intensifying the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will be among the bloc's priorities.

    Citing global health as an essential pillar of EU external policy—and AMR as a leading global health threat—the document, written by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, lists tackling AMR via a comprehensive, multisectoral, and transdisciplinary "One Health" approach as one of its guiding principles. The One Health framework views human, animal, plant, and environmental health as intrinsically linked, and encourages AMR mitigation efforts to address how antimicrobials are used in humans, animals, and plants.

    To support this principle, the document recommends the EU intensify its work with the Quadripartite (the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Agency of the United Nations [UN], the World Organization for Animal Health, and the UN Environment Programme) to implement its One Health Joint Plan of Action, a 5-year program that seeks to improve the health of humans, animals, plants, and the environment while contributing to sustainable development.

    It also calls on the EU to help build a robust global surveillance system to identify and address resistant bacteria and other zoonotic pathogens before they cross from animals to humans, to work towards the inclusion of concrete provisions on AMR in international pandemic agreements, and to support the development of and access to new antimicrobials, vaccines, and diagnostics.

    "A quantum leap in health security will be achieved with a permanent mechanism that enhances equity in development of and access to tools such as vaccines, a global surveillance network which fully embodies One Health principles, and robust international rules, including enhanced measures to tackle anti-microbial resistance," the document states.