Pandemic Flu ? Take The Lead
Working Together to Prepare Now
Community Leaders Toolkit

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: Preparing for Pandemic Flu Is Everyone?s Responsibility

II. Encourage Personal Preparedness: Activities and Tools

III. Spread the Word to Other Community Leaders

IV. Fact Sheet: Pandemic Flu Basics

V. Fact Sheet: Community-Based Interventions

VI. Sample E-mail on Pandemic Flu Preparedness

VII. Pandemic Flu Preparedness Checklist

VIII. Sample E-mail and Checklist on Stocking Food and Supplies

X. Sample E-mail on Good Health Habits

X. Sample Newsletter Article on Pandemic Flu Preparedness

XI. Sample Newsletter Article on Stocking Food and Supplies

XII. Sample Newsletter Article on Good Health Habits

XIII. Sample ?Chain? E-mail

XIV. Links to Resources

XV. Cover Your Cough Poster

XVI. Talking Points on Pandemic Flu Preparedness

XVII. Food-Drive Poster Template

XVIII. Food and Supplies Drive Checklist

XIX. Incentive Ideas

XX. Sample E-mail Introducing Incentives

XXI. Talking Points ? How to Get Your Peers Involved

XXII. Sample Newsletter Article ? How to Get Involved

XXIII. Sample E-mail?How to Get Involved