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Guinea - Arrest of the correspondent of in Lélouma: declaration

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  • Guinea - Arrest of the correspondent of in Lélouma: declaration

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    June 27, 2017 Posted By Guineematin HEADLINE, News, Society 0

    Arrest of the correspondent of in Lélouma: declaration

    The editorial office of informs national and international opinion of the arbitrary arrest and illegal detention of its correspondent in Lélouma, Amadou Sadio Diallo at the police station of the department on the orders of the prefect, Mohamed Deen Camara.

    Our collaborator is accused of spreading information about a cholera epidemic in Lelouma. Amadou Sadio Diallo, however, had reached by telephone the Prefect of the Red Cross, who not only confirmed the appearance of a cholera epidemic but also gave him a figure: 87 cases that were in the prefectural hospital. In good faith, our worker has treated this information urgently in order to alert the health authorities and partners of Guinea in the field of health on the risk to the local populations ...

    The next day, several of those admitted to the hospital as a result of diarrhea and vomiting were able to return to their homes. And, the information has also evolved. Instead of a cholera epidemic, local doctors were told that it was a simple food poisoning. This was immediately relayed, even before receiving press releases from the National Agency of Sanitary Security (ANSS).

    Unfortunately, the prefect of Lelouma, who would have received several calls in the meantime, frightened the head of the Red Cross that he threatened to call out. Finally, the latter would have agreed with the local authorities to declaim and, worse, to file a complaint against our collaborator.
    Amadou Sadio Diallo was arrested at the gendarmerie in the morning of Tuesday, June 27, 2017 and was violently illegally arrested, as a press offense does not require detention, in accordance with Law L002 on Freedom of Press in Guinea. urges the prefect of Lelouma to unconditionally release our collaborator and announced that he had already contacted the lawyer, Master Salifou Béavogui for possible judicial confrontations.

    We thank all the personalities who have been involved for the release of our correspondent, who has all his family worried and mobilized with the Gendarmerie de Lélouma tonight.

    Conakry, 27 June 2017
    For Writing
    The Secretary General
    Mamadou Alpha Assia Baldé
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