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    Real-Time Alerting, Authoritative Analysis and Best Practice Tools Help
    Firms with Pandemic Preparedness

    ANNAPOLIS, Md., April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- iJET today announced the
    launch of its Weekly Pandemic Monitor service to provide mission-critical
    intelligence for the pandemic planner and ensure complete situational
    awareness around the threat of an emerging Avian Flu pandemic and other
    global health concerns. iJET's international team of health and corporate
    preparedness experts supports this new service, ensuring that clients have
    credible, up-to-date analysis.
    Multinational organizations require a professional resource for sifting
    through reams of avian flu-related information from around the globe and
    distilling it down to accurate, actionable intelligence. iJET's Health
    Intelligence team does this, and delivers a service that will best help
    organizations prepare for a pandemic. The team works with on-the-ground
    contacts and monitors hundreds of electronic sources around the clock,
    saving organizations significant time and resources and allowing them to
    focus on the development and execution of preparedness plans.
    iJET's Weekly Pandemic Monitor service provides continuous reporting on
    key health-related developments around the world through its 24x7,
    real-time Alert service. The service also includes a weekly report that
    provides a wrap-up of developments, trends and predictive analyses on where
    outbreaks are likely to emerge, and offers information to help pandemic
    planners benchmark their programs. Also, organizations can forward
    questions to iJET's global team of subject matter experts for a weekly Q&A
    Forum and sharing among peers.
    "The Weekly Pandemic Monitor delivers real-time alerts on breaking
    threats complete with analysis and recommendations for organizations,
    graphs and maps for pandemic planners to utilize in their reporting, direct
    access to qualified subject matter experts and vetted research, case
    studies and best practices addressing key issues and concerns for
    organizations," said Joan Pfinsgraff, M.D., iJET's Director of Health
    "Our health team has been closely monitoring the avian flu situation
    since 2003, and with continued activity and outbreaks all over the world,
    our clients increasingly rely on iJET to help them navigate the
    overwhelming information whirlwind," said iJET CEO Bruce McIndoe. "We're
    placing actionable information and advice directly into their hands to help
    them make smart decisions as they prepare for a pandemic."
    Additional information about the service and a free trial subscription
    is available at:
    About iJET
    iJET Intelligent Risk Systems is a leader in global intelligence,
    operating risk management technology and integrated crisis response
    services. Since 1999, iJET supports 400 of the world's largest
    multinational organizations to cost-effectively mitigate global risks,
    reduce corporate liability and successfully prepare for and respond to
    crises. iJET's patented Worldcue(R) system integrates world-class
    intelligence with unmatched technology to help organizations monitor and
    assess threats relative to facilities and assets, track and communicate
    with employees, and deploy emergency response services throughout the world
    at a moment's notice. iJET's diverse and experienced intelligence analysts
    speak a combined 27 languages and work around the clock to monitor changing
    conditions worldwide and deliver timely, actionable intelligence to
    clients. This enables our clients to make pertinent, informed decisions
    across all classes of risk.</pre> SOURCE iJET
    Web Site:,+10:54+AM