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    Here is a fascinating podcast, Trish Wood is Critical

    (her website here), .

    "The man at the centre of the storm over COVID-19 treatment is still standing but just barely. Over a year in, Dr. Pierre Kory has learned that the best interest of the patient is no longer paramount and that science has been overtaken by cowardice and corruption."

    She discusses censorship and mis/ disinformation campaigns with FLCCC founder Dr. Pierre Kory. This in depth two hour discussion offers sobering and up to date insights into the silencing of any debate from heterodoxy surrounding CoVid 19 treatment protocols and and vaccine toxicity. They discuss powerful agenda driven media, polarized and politicized science, manipulated studies used to sway public opinion, attacks on legacy repurposed drugs, and the discrediting of credible and previously respected scientists and doctors. It is well worth a listen.