The next isirv conference, 'Influenza and other respiratory virus infections: advances in clinical management', will take place in Tokyo, Japan in June 2014. Isirv members will receive email notification when registration opens.

The preliminary announcement can be found

The 3rd isirv-AVG Conference will be held at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo
The conference will provide a forum for clinicians, public health specialists and medical scientists to present their research and discuss the latest advances in clinical management of influenza and other respiratory viruses, against a backdrop of constant threats from the emergence of novel, highly pathogenic agents.

The programme will include 5 plenary sessions on:

Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats (influenza H7N9, H5N1; MERS coronavirus)
Influenza Management (Japanese and global perspectives on clinical management; treatment with influenza antivirals; influenza and other RVIs in pregnancy; response to emerging threats and pandemic preparedness)
Advances in Influenza Diagnosis and Management (corticosteroids for RVIs; management of CAP; effectiveness of influenza antivirals, resistance and newer, non-NAI agents) Influenza Vaccines (effectiveness, newer formulations and novel vaccines) Respiratory Virus Infections (impact of paramyxoviruses, RSV and rhinoviruses; in children and immunocompromised patients; pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions)

Special seminars covering topics on:
Novel antivirals; mortality impact of influenza epidemics and pandemics; influenza pathogenesis;
Japanese experience of mass vaccination programmes and clinical effectiveness of neuraminidase
inhibitors; advances in therapeutics for non-influenza RVIs; advances in intensive care management
of severe RVIs.

Speakers will include:
Bin Cao, Beijing Institute of Respiratory Medicine, China
Frederick Hayden, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA
Michael Ison, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
Lance Jennings, Canterbury Health, New Zealand
Yoshi Kawaoka, University of Tokyo and University of Wisconsin
Nelson Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jenny McKimm-Breschkin, CSIRO, Australia
Reiko Saito, Niigata University, Japan
Shigeru Saito, Toyama Medical University, Japan
Nikki Shindo, World Health Organization, Geneva
Norio Sugaya, Keiyu Hospital, Japan
Maria Zambon, Public Health England, UK
Oral and Poster sessions of original research

Authors will be invited to submit abstracts of original research in areas related to the above topics.
Papers will be selected for inclusion in the programme through oral or poster presentations.

Further details will shortly be available on the isirv website.