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Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)

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  • Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)

    Bandung - Bandung Regency Boy previously origin allegedly contracted the H1N1 virus is often called swine flu, based on blood tests become negative. The result of the investigation team of specific infectious diseases Hasan Sadikin (RSHS), patients infected with influenza virus confirmed that in 2009 a new type of influenza A H1N1. 'In a way, this virus should not be called swine flu. Because, it turns out she (the virus - ed) is really the new flu. So there is a new H1N1. It is in the patient 'said Anggraini Nature, one of the doctors who deal with the boy, when found in Jalan Sunda, Bandung, on Thursday (25/11/2010) malam.Dijelaskannya, since August 2010 the WHO has lifted the status of swine flu pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus. Therefore, the virus has already spread throughout dunia.Virus was then called the 2009 influenza A H1N1. In fact, the virus has been classified as seasonal influenza. 'He's the same with the other seasonal flu. Not that he's become more severe than seasonal flu is another. Different class, 'firmly Anggraini.Bocah 7 year old is being treated at the Isolation Room Flamboyan RSHS since 17 November. Information from previous RSHS party, the boy was aged 9 tahun.Pasien mentioned brought to RSHS above reference one private hospital. On arriving at RSHS, patients experience shortness of breath, fever with body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius, similar to the symptoms of patients infected with swine flu. (ORS / ORS)

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    Re: Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)

    A child had the initials A (7 years), residents of Bandung regency, tested positive for H1N1 or influenza disease known as swine flu. The patient is now in intensive supervision and treatment in the room Flamboyan RSHS.
    According to one special disease prevention team RSHS, dr. Anggraeni Nature, Sp.A. (K), swine flu patients had been receiving treatment since 9 days ago.
    'Now the clinical condition was no improvement compared to the time of entry here. Also from the result of good investigation, 'said the doctor who was called Anggie told reporters, in RSHS, Jln. Pasteur, Thursday (25/11).
    Improvement clinically, according Anggie, seen in the absence of fever in patient A. Diseases 2009 H1N1 influenza virus derived from that attack and cause lung infections.
    'If the condition is constantly improving as now, then it is possible patients will be home in time soon,' he said.
    Anggun who refused to disclose clearly the identity of patients and parents, say, in dealing with these patients revealed at least 23 people medics. In addition to the pediatrician, there are pharmacy staff, laboratory, and physician in internal medicine.
    Regarding the cause of the disease, said Anggun, one due to weather, the constant rain that hit Indonesia. 'If in the developed world, the weather had patterned the 4 seasons. While here, especially now now constant rain. The heat of the moment, be one reason breeding influenza virus, 'he said.
    Therefore, said Anggun, the disease can be easily transmitted. Especially those who are vulnerable ie children, the elderly, and pregnant women. Similarly, medical personnel who treated or adjacent to the positive patients the disease.
    'But people do not worry excessively. Simply by making healthy lifestyle and clean (clean and healthy lifestyle). Wash hands with soap every time out berkegiatan. Also if you cough, cover your mouth. If disposable wipes, do not be thrown away carelessly, 'he said.
    Moreover, the UN health agency, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also been lifted word pandemis on H1N1 influenza disease before 2009. 'Therefore do not be called by the name of swine flu again. Now named the 2009 influenza A H1N1, "he said. (B.107) **


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      Re: Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)

      Bandung - The condition of 9-year-old boy who contracted the Bandung District influenza A H1N1 virus began to mend. But once RSHS not sure when the boy could go home. "When patients go home, that the authority of the doctors. We have had discussions to ensure that when patients return home, 'said Anggraini Alam, one of the doctors in particular infectious disease investigation team Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) detikbandung when contacted on Thursday (11/26/2010). Currently the patient is still in recovery conditions. Even according Anggraini, the day the patient continued to show growth during the early anggareni signifikan.Dijelaskan respiratory patients treated very crowded, have difficulty eating and drinking and high fever. But he insisted that the illnesses suffered by patients can not recover as a matter of mathematics. "Whose name does not exist mathematical disease. clear, we must make sure first, the patient's condition. But now conditions are much different than when first treated. Now much better, 'katanya.RSHS own claim to form a special team to handle the boy, but specifically, Anggraini did not mention how many doctors who treat patients. "Doctor a lot, a pediatrician, there are 6 people, not to mention the pathologist, expert radiology and other doctors, 'jelasnya.Jika in its development required an additional physician, RSHS ready to lower the additional personnel. 'If it requires special measures, we are ready. We have a lot in this RSHS specialists, 'he concluded.


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        Re: Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)

        Bandung -
        The boy from Bandung regency which is still being treated at the Isolation Room Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin (RSHS), apparently was taken to two other hospitals. Prior referred to RSHS, was taken to hospital patients and hospital Soreang Immanuel. 'She was brought here on a referral from Immanuel Hospital. Previously he was in hospital Soreang, admitted three days there, 'said CEO RSHS Bayu Wahyudi, when contacted detikbandung via phone on Saturday (11/27/2010). Bayu asserted, was 7 years old boy contracted the virus 2009 tested positive for influenza A H1N1. The patient himself was treated in isolation rooms Flamboyan RSHS since 17 November. 'Here we work in an integrated treatment, according to standard operating procedure (procedure-ed) that exist. His condition continued to improve, 'he said. The boy was a patient hospitalized in RSHS. Currently, the patient gradually recovered, but RSHS not know when the boy could go home.


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          Re: Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)

          Bandung - Although gradually recovered and is planned to come home soon, boy 7 years from Bandung regency which tested positive for influenza A H1N1 infected, not moved to the common room. Until now still being treated at the Isolation Room Flamboyan RS Hasan Sadikin (RSHS). The patient will not be moved to another room until finally declared cured and allowed to go home. It was said Anggraini Alam, a doctor who joined in a special investigation team RSHS infectious diseases. 'The patient remains in the Flamboyan. He will not be moved to another room, 'said when contacted detikbandung Anggraini via phone on Monday (29/11/2010). He explained, patients will not be moved to another room after being treated at the Isolation Room Flamboyan. This is to ensure the patient is completely healed. Therefore, care in space is indeed focused on patients who are infected today virus.Jika not likely the patient will go home tomorrow.


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            Re: Indonesian boy (7yo) hospitalized with flu A (H1N1)


            Google translation:

            Monday, 11/29/2010 18:13 pm
            Influenza A H1N1 patients Kab Bandung Return Home Soon
            Oris Riswan Budiana - detikBandung

            Bandung - Hasan Sadikin (RSHS) said 7-year boy who contracted influenza A H1N1 virus 2009 certainly return as soon as possible. If not today, the boy he was probably sent home tomorrow.

            "If baseball today, the possibility of his return tomorrow," said Anggraini Nature, doctors who are members of a special investigation team RSHS infectious disease, when contacted detikbandung via phone on Monday (29/11/2010).

            Currently, he said, the boy from Bandung District was still in recovery phase. Development itself is considered quite good compared to when you first go to the Isolation Room Flamboyant, 17 November.

            "All these developments well. In principle, clinically excellent. So there is a plan for us restored," he explained.

            Explained Anggraini, good progress was referring to was the body temperature is not hot, there are no obstacles in the intake of food and drink, and the patient was able to walk.

            Meanwhile, first-come, patients experience symptoms of high fever, shortness of breath, difficulty eating and drinking, and could not walk because of weakness.

            (ORS / avi)