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It is suspected that bird flu has attacked again, dozens of chickens died suddenly in Prabumulih

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  • It is suspected that bird flu has attacked again, dozens of chickens died suddenly in Prabumulih

    It is suspected that bird flu has attacked again, dozens of chickens died suddenly in Prabumulih
    Monday, 25 January 2021 09:24
    SRIPOKU.COM, PRABUMULIH - Dozens of chickens belonging to residents in Wonosari Village, Prabumulih Utara District, Prabumulih City , South Sumatra (Sumsel), suddenly died, Monday (25/1/2021).
    The chickens had convulsions and then died.
    Not yet known the cause of the death of the dozens of chickens.
    However, residents suspect the bird flu virus has returned to attack their livestock.
    Agung Wahyudi, who admitted that every morning the native chickens that were raised suddenly died.
    "This morning there were 9 of my chickens that died, not including the ones we slaughtered before dying, we don't know what caused it, the chickens suddenly died suddenly," said Agung.

    Agung said, apart from himself there were several other residents who had lost their domesticated chickens due to sudden death.
    "My neighbors, many of the chickens died, there were six chickens belonging to Gepeng, 5 belonging to Pak Bandrio and Kernet's and others all of our chickens died suddenly this morning," he said.
    Regarding the large number of dead livestock, Agung asked the Prabumulih city government, especially the Perternakan service, to immediately respond to the community's complaints.
    "We ask the government's attention through the livestock service, why all our chickens die. This bird flu is increasingly spreading in the city of Prabumulih, please do you spray it or what," he hoped.
    Agung said, his party has made various efforts so that livestock do not die but still die.
    "If the livestock office does not come to help, our chickens will all die, we lose our livelihood to sell chickens, we lose this Eid," he complained.
    The same thing was conveyed by Gepeng, a Wonisari resident, who said that his native chickens also died suddenly without cause.
    "I don't know why many of our chickens died suddenly, we hope the government will help them down to the field," he hoped.


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    Because Dozens of Kampung Chickens in Prabumulih Die, After Dirapid Test it is not Avian Flu

    Monday, 25 January 2021 19:41
    death of dozens of native chickens belonging to a number of residents of Wonosari Village, Prabumulih Utara District, Prabumulih, on Monday (25/1/2021) immediately received a response from the Agriculture Sector of the Prabumulih Municipal Government Agriculture.
    The farm service direct to the field and perform rapid tests on chickens dead or alive SOH.
    The results of the sample examination of several chickens were known not to die suddenly due to the bird flu virus, but because of Newcastle Disease (ND) kill or a type of Tetelo, but it was more severe.

    "After receiving our information from the Agriculture Service through the Livestock and Animal Health Sector, we immediately went to the field and then conducted a rapid test .
    Apparently it does not lead to bird flu , "said Kadin Agriculture through the Head of Animal Health, Walijan, when interviewed after the rapid test of chickens in the chicken coop Agung Wahyudi, a resident of Wonosari.
    Walijan said that Newcastle Disease (ND) kills chicken
    but is more deadly than usual ND.
    "Tetelo's head is wobbling, ND Kill is worse because the animal suddenly dies,
    " he said.

    Based on experience and knowledge, ND Kill itself is not transmitted to humans but fellow animals can be transmitted.

    "If fellow chickens can be transmitted quickly, so if for example we buy chickens from outside, don't combine them immediately but separate them because they are susceptible to disease and spread to other chickens," explained Walijan.
    ND disease in chickens itself is common for farm people and is a seasonal disease in chickens and poultry.