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Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu case, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra- Negative

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  • Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu case, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra- Negative

    Kab. Pariaman
    H5N1 Virus Attack A Grandfather
    RS Medical M. Djamil Padang Take a Test Lab

    Padang Friday, 08/02/2013 - 20:30 pm Son Tanhar 41 clicks

    Domestication of wild birds and poultry (cattle) can be a source of spreading H5N1. In Southeast Asia most cases of bird flu occurred in transportation or poultry instead of migration routes of wild birds, the virus has now started attacking residents in Kampung Lintang Korong, Sanur Nagari, District Nan Sabaris, Pariaman district due to a number of residents' infected ducks positive.

    A citizen from Sunur Nagari, District Pariaman initials "D" (73) was rushed to Dr Dr M Djamil Padang as suspect (suspected) infected with the bird flu virus, the H5N1 virus affected patients experienced three days of high fever and cough during two weeks and the last two days experiencing shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Seeing it is the parent's condition keluarhga immediately rushed him to the hospital beradai at Pioneer Road Independence, Teak, Padang.

    From the description of his grandson, Saprianto (20) convey, originally kakenya ordinary fever, but gradually the fever does not go down, but it He says the fever is accompanied by a natural stone respiratory problems, saw the incident and took the H5N1 virus affected patients to health centers in the area they live, but the clinic advised to immediately be brought to the department of.M.Djamil Padang.

    "Before I was referred to M. Djamil, grandfather was brought to the clinic due to fever accompanied by cough of suffering, and the health centers advised to refer here to be examined, "said Saprianto, Friday (8/2).
    Pricing,. Saprianto explained previously existing poultry (ducks) in the location they live to die suddenly, but did not know the cause of death of the birds, from the statement of his grandfather that he never did any direct contact with poultry animals around their homes even though there are some who raise ducks,

    "If the grandfather is attacked by the bird flu virus, we think it is difficult at this time uttered by grandfather also never raise ducks or contact us directly and all submit to the medical team to determine the outcome, "said Saprianto. while Giver Information Officer Dr Dr M Djamil Padang Gustaffianof to convey, on behalf of patients
    "D "indeed showed symptoms of bird flu, but not yet certain whether he had or contracting the H5N1 virus," the medical team currently undertaking an intensive examination of the patient, and we have not been able to positively confirm whether the patient from Sanur Nagari suffered or contracting bird flu was classified as very deadly
    , "said Gustaffianof.

    Currently patients were treated in the Suspect Dr M. Djamil and central medical team doing laboratory tests on patients who will prove correct or not positive patient bird flu virus or H5N1 virus often known. (*)

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    Re: Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu - West Sumatra

    Bird Flu Patient Treated Origin Pariaman

    Pariaman - Yesterday, at 11:24 pm
    Bird Flu Patient Treated Origin Pariaman

    Padang, ( - General
    Hospital Center M.Djamil Padang, West
    Sumatra treating patients susfect bird flu or
    H5N1 virus (Avian Influenza) Sunur origin,Pariaman.
    "Patients suspect bird flu on behalf Darli (73) resident Sunur, Pariaman," said
    Information and Documentation Officer
    giver (PPID) Dr M Djamil Padang, Gustavianof, in Padang, Friday (8/2).
    According to him, the patient was admitted to the hospital around 12:00 pm a referral from health centers in the area Pariaman.
    "The condition of the bird flu susfect patients on admission had a fever since three days, and
    experience shortness of breath," he said.
    Team doctors hospital intensive examination of patients who had just
    entered the room special care.
    He said the hospital has not been able to ascertain the origin of Pariaman pasein positive for
    bird flu because it is still examining blood samples.
    "The hospital has taken blood samples of two patients to determine whether they are true
    positive or negative instead of bird flu,
    " he said.
    Blood samples were sent to laboratories in Jakarta to prove a negative or positive patient bird
    flu. "The hospital is still awaiting test results of blood laboratotium on Health Research and
    Development Agency (Balitbangkes) MOH," said Gustavianof.
    He added, to drug supply in hospitals taminflu felt enough for bird flu susfect patients
    undergoing treatment.
    "Stock of existing drugs is still able to treat patients infected with H5N1 or avian influenza
    enough and not expired yet," he said.
    Meanwhile Sepriyanto Darli son said he did not know his parents had treated Dr M.Djamil
    Padang susfect bird flu.

    "His parents had a week fever, shortness of breath and experience it, and then taken to the
    health center for treatment," he said.
    He added that while in the health center, the doctor who examined the health condition in
    order referred only to notify the department of M.Djamil Padang is likely suffering parents
    suspect bird flu.


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      Re: Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu - West Sumatra


      Warga Pariaman Supect Flu Burung
      Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013 03:13

      Google translation:

      Residents Pariaman supect Bird Flu
      Saturday, February 9, 2013 03:13

      PADANG, HALUAN - General Hospital (Dr) M Djamil Padang, the patient received an unexpected return (avian influenza) Bird flu. Patient initials BR (73) is a resident of Padang Pariaman district. Patients undergoing intensive treatment in the isolation room bird flu Dr M Djamil Padang.

      Information compiled bow, BR was hospitalized on Friday (8/2) at 12.00 pm. Patients are referred from hospitals Pariaman, because infected have symptoms of H5N1 or bird flu virus. A few days before patient contact with his neighbor's birds-poultry that died suddenly.

      Meanwhile Giving Information Officer Dr M Djamil Padang, said Gustafianof BR, newly suspected teridap H5NI virus, because the family name but a few ducks and BR neighbor died suddenly at that direct contact with the birds.

      "A few days ago a dead duck and the corresponding direct high fever accompanied by cough and shortness of breath. Seeing this, the family was immediately rushed to a hospital in Padang Padang Pariaman. Next is the general hospital, referring to Dr BR M Djamil Padang because of suspected H5NI virus infected patients, "said Gustavianof explained.

      The doctor who saw the symptoms of the disease in question BR agreed saying suspect bird flu. Gustavianof said, BR is not positive, but traits that led to it is quite clear and the hospital will do blood sampling, to ensure the 73-year-old man infected with the virus or not.

      "For that, until now its status is still suspected bird flu. BR has been getting intensive treatment in the isolation room bird flu. Later if the blood sample is positive, the doctor Dr M Djamil will take further action, "said Gustavianof.

      The care given to BR, the standards set are appropriate for the patient supeck bird flu. "We are still isolated, pending and see the condition of the patient and the doctor will soon take a blood sample," said Gustafianof stressed.

      A few days ago in Sanur District Nan Sabaris Nagari, Padang Pariaman District, a total of 1207 ducks belonging to four families (KK) died suddenly.
      Duck population in the area is 3590 tails and owners there are six families. Extermination perpetrated against the surviving ducks newly done to the families that Doni, a total of 299 birds. Meanwhile, three more are underway socialization KK to be the destruction of the ducks are still alive. It also carried out spraying.

      In Sumatra, there are two locations of ducks were found dead suddenly, ie Korong Payakumbuh and Kampung Lintang, Sanur Nagari, District Nan Sabaris, Padang Pariaman. Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Sumatra M Kamil said, from observation teams on the ground, the death of thousands of ducks will lead to a new type of bird flu virus that is coded H5NI 2.3.2.

      Pascamatinya thousands of ducks in Pariaman due to the H5N1 virus, West Sumatra Husbandry Department to block the passage of ducks from the scene. The anticipation is done, in order to prevent and inhibit the spread of the disease similar to other areas in West Sumatra. (H / cw-hri)


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        Re: Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu - West Sumatra

        Suspect Bird Flu, Citizen Referred to M. Djamil
        Dated 09 February 2013
        Pariaman - A resident Korong Kampuang Latitude, Sunur Nagari, District Nan Sabaris, Pariaman suspected suspect bird flu. Patients experiencing symptoms of high fever, cough and colds. The patient was initially taken to the health center Pauh Kamba, then referred to the hospital M. Djamil Padang on Friday (8/2).
        Korong Kampuang Latitude is an area of ​​the discovery of thousands of ducks died suddenly and tested positive for H5N1 clade since a few days ago.
        Hundreds of ducks have been culled officers for breaking the chain of dangerous virus in the area.
        Virus H5N1 clade is the latest variant of the H5N1 bird flu virus that has previously been widely known. Today, new virus was recently detected attack duck. Yet all kinds of birds. The virus also has the potential to infect humans.
        Head of Disease Control and Prevention and Environmental Health, Public Health Service Pariaman, Aspinuddin Singgalang confirmed, confirmed there were patients from being referred Korong Kampuang Latitude Pauh Kamba health center personnel to the hospital. M.Djamil.
        "Yes, there are people Korong Kampuang Latitude referenced. Patients suspected suspect bird flu. Because the symptoms of fever, cough and colds, such as the characteristics of the bird flu. The patient was referred Friday morning, "said Aspinuddin.
        As per standard operating procedure (SOP) for handling suspect cases of bird flu, the Department of Health does not have the authority to provide information related to the patient's name and identity of the suspect is suspected. More information is authorized RS M. Djamil.
        Patient suspect bird flu was found medical team assigned to monitor the health of people in Korong Kampuang latitude, after the discovery of bird flu cases duck attacked thousands of residents in the area since last week.

        24-hour surveillance
        It is said, since the discovery of bird flu cases in Kampuang latitude, DHO team accidentally alerted Padangpariaman 24 hours in the area.

        The team checked periodically to public health since the past few days.
        Yesterday, a team of health received a report there was a resident in the vicinity of duck farms in the surroundings that had a high fever accompanied by cough and colds.
        These characteristics are identical to the symptoms of the bird flu virus that infect humans.
        The team moved quickly to home health patients.
        The patient was then taken to the health center Pauh Kamba to undergo further tests.

        Because the assessed had a history of contact with the dead ducks and fever led to the avian flu, the patient eventually was referred to the hospital. M. Djamil.
        "Rather than risk, also referred patients that day. What is clear according to SOP handling cases of bird flu, if found patients with bird flu-like symptoms, patients suspected suspect. The patient should be immediately referred to the hospital, "said Aspinuddin.
        At the hospital, usually the patient suspect bird flu will be isolated and treated in a special room. In Sumatra, only RS. M. Djamil defined as hospital case management and positive patient suspect bird flu.
        Patients suspected blood sample will be taken, saliva, sputum and other samples by a team of doctors. The samples will then be tested in the laboratory to ascertain whether or not the patient acquired the bird flu virus. "Test sample baisanya take some days," he explained.
        Must be destroyed
        Head of Section (Kasi) Animal Health Service, Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry (Distanakhut) Padangpariaman, Dahlia said, if proven patients suspect origin Korong Kampuang Latitude was positive bird flu, the case is a big problem.
        "If proven positive the patient suspect bird flu. It will be a big problem. Like it or not, like it or not, people have to give up duck left in the surroundings are destroyed. This procedure, "said Dahlia.
        Not only genocide, traffic ducks, chickens and poultry should be stopped temporary surroundings. Over the next few months, the area should be sterilized from livestock potential medium for the spread of bird flu virus.
        Added, the spread and transmission of the bird flu virus has not been detected a new variant thoroughly. Good to fellow duck, the chicken and poultry as well as transmission to humans. The virus is still under intensive study by a team of the Ministry of Agriculture.
        Ducks evacuated
        Added Dahlia, it is now quite difficult to supervise the possession of duck breeders in Korong Kampuang latitude. Pascaditemukannya thousands of ducks infected with bird flu died suddenly, some cattle ranchers have evacuated villages Itiknya out.
        "A few days ago, prior to the destruction, we have to socialize. At that time, a number of farmers reported their ducks are still healthy. Tail number in the thousands. When the day of destruction, the ducks were gone. Someone brought out kampuang, "he said.

        The ducks are there breeders to Lubuk Alung evacuated and the villages-villages around Sunur. In fact, there are ducks are deliberately taken out of the area Padangpariaman. The owner reluctantly Itiknya destroyed. Said farmer compensation fund is too small.
        It is said, though the ducks were evacuated out Korong Kampuang latitude in good health, but there is no guarantee the ducks are free from bird flu virus. However in the area of ​​origin has many other ducks that died from the bird flu virus.

        In Korong Kampuang Latitude recorded at least six breeding ducks with a population of approximately 3,000's tail. Duck in the area are not the system enclosure. But, just released ducks in paddy fields harvesting the former.
        Most duck farms in Korong Kampuang Latitude financed investors. DOD or ducklings seeds and fodder are provided investors.
        After the big duck, duck repurchased by pemodal.Biasanya before running businesses, farmers were given loans by investors.
        Mentioned, duck farming system is an open and controlled by the investors, it is quite difficult for officers to coordinate in case of bird flu. Breeders can not make a decision immediately. They should first coordinate with the owners of capital.
        Extends to Padang Sago
        Dahlia said, cases of bird flu are not found in Korong Kampuang Latitude, Nagari Sunur. A similar case has now spread to the District Padangsago, Padangpariaman. A number of residents have reported a dead duck and chicken in the area.

        "There are people Korong Mangor, Nagari Batu Kalang, Padangsago reported their ducks and chickens died suddenly. Nearly 70 per cent owned by the stable ducks one resident dead. Of symptoms before death, is synonymous with the bird flu virus attacks, "said Dahlia.

        Unfortunately, the carcasses of ducks and chickens owned by residents in Padang Sago has been removed and partially washed away into the river. Making it difficult for officers to do a test and testing for mamastikan if deaths from bird flu or other illness.


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          Re: Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu - West Sumatra

          Dr M. Djamil Suspect Hospitalized Patients Suspected Bird Flu

          A resident of Kampung Lintang, Sunur Nagari, District Nas Sabaris, Padangpariaman regency, West Sumatra treated at Dr M. Djamil Padang. Seniors 73 years with the initials D, alleged suspect bird flu virus (H5N1). Giver Information and Documentation Officer (PPID) Dr M. Djamil Padang, Gustafianov, confirming nursed a patient suspected suspect bird flu, which is now in the space isoloasi.
          "From the symptoms he suffered suspected bird flu, lest other people are now infected with the same patient in isolation. Symptoms similar to bird flu, "he told Okezone , Saturday (02/09/2012).
          He continues, today it provides intensive care for patients while waiting for laboratory results. "We are still awaiting the results of the examination in the laboratory, whether these patients truly affected by bird flu or not," tambanya. Gustafianov continued, the patient goes to the hospital on Friday, February 8 at approximately 12:00 noon EDT. From the description of the family, he added, patient had three days of high fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. "Initially Padangpariaman patients brought to hospitals, but the hospitals refer patients here," he said.
          Meanwhile, based on information from the family, the patient is not in contact with farm animals. Only, hundreds of ducks around at their home died suddenly on Wednesday, February 6 last. Allegedly, the ducks are affected by bird flu


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            Re: Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu - West Sumatra


            Warga Sunur Suspect Flu Burung
            Padang Ekspres Sabtu, 09/02/2013 12:03 WIB

            Google translation:

            Residents Sunur Suspect Bird Flu
            Padang Express Saturday, 02/09/2013 12:03 pm 108 clicks

            Patient suspect bird flu treatment at Dr M Djamil Padang

            Padang, PADEK bird-flu virus previously attacked thousands of ducks in Korong Kampung Lintang, Sunur Nagari, District Nan Sabaris, Padangpariaman, is now thought to have been transmitted to humans. Yesterday (8/2), a resident of Sanur, the initials D, 73, was rushed to Dr M Djamil because of suspected (unexpected) that H5NI virus.

            He had a high fever for three days, two weeks of coughing, and in the last two days could hardly breathe. This aging man brought his family to Dr M Djamil.

            Saprianto, 20, grandson of the patient when met at the Padang Express Dr M Djamil said his grandfather suffered a fever that would not go down, in fact even increased with cough and shortness of breath. When taken to a health center, officials suggested that rushed to Dr M Djamil.

            However, the patient claimed never in direct contact with poultry, but many neighbors ducks died suddenly.

            Giving Information and Documentation Officer (PPID) Dr M Djamil Padang, Gustafianof said, the patient is showing symptoms of bird flu. But until now the hospital can not confirm it. "Alleged temporary, is yes," said Gustafianof.

            Until now, the medical team was providing intensive care to the patient and will conduct laboratory tests to it. "From the results of laboratory tests later, we can be sure the new positive or not. Now patients in intensive care in a suspect bird flu, the disease, "said the man with the mustache is.

            In response to the emergence of bird flu cases in Padangpariaman, Chief Dispernakbunhut Padang, Rustam Heriyanto call upon the elements of districts and villages in order to increase their vigilance against bird flu virus entry into the field. "We will be closing traffic ducks entry into the field, both from Java, Payakumbuh, Padangpariaman and other areas. We urge people not to buy ducks or other birds that come from out of town, "he said.

            He also urged people to coordinate with related agencies if they find birds died suddenly in their respective environments.

            As you know, thousands of ducks died suddenly in Korong Kampung Lintang, Sunur Nagari, District Nansabaris, Padangpariaman, and tested positive for bird flu based on laboratory test results Veterinary Livestock Investigator Hall Museum in Baso. (W)

            [Red / Administrator]


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              Re: Indonesia - Man, 73, suspected H5N1 bird flu case, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra- Negative


              Pasien Suspect Flu Burung Padangpariaman Negatif
              Kamis, 14 Februari 2013 - 10:19:23 WIB
              : 17

              Google translation:

              Patient Suspect Bird Flu Negative Padangpariaman
              Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 10:19:23 PM
              : 17

              PADANG - susfect Flu Patient initials "D" (73) origin Padangpariaman regency, West Sumatra declared negative Avian Influenza (AI) based on the results of blood tests in the laboratory Badang Health Research and Development (Balitbangkes) MOH.

              "We accept the results of laboratory examination of" D "(73) Padangapriaman origin, stating the patient was negative AI," said Chief Medical Officer of West Sumatra, dr. Rosnini Savitri in Padang, Thursday (14/2).

              According to him, the bird flu negative certainty appears after inspection that are confirmed, after examination by the rapid test method, reinforced the results of Research and Development, Ministry of Health.

              "Treatment of patients since stated suspect was carried out according to good governance bird flu, including special treatment by medical personnel, drug delivery standards of bird flu, to the isolation room," he said.

              The patient was still in the General Hospital Center (Dr) M.Djamil Padang for treatment and further observation on other diseases suffered.

              "Handling We gave back to the hospital concerned, including decisions when the patient can leave the department of M.Djamil Padang," said Rosnini Savitri.

              Meanwhile Separately, Information and Documentation Officer Giver (PPID) Dr M Djamil Padang, Gustavianof, stating susfect bird flu patients were in a hospital isolation room so that the disease does not spread to other patients.

              "The team doctor hospital intensive examination of the patient who just went to special care," he said.

              According to him, the present health condition of patients who are in isolation has begun to improve, but the team doctor hospital still conduct such incentive.

              "We still observe the patient, Diman when admitted to hospital on Friday (8/2) at around 12.00 am suffering from shortness of breath," he said.

              For the supply of medicines in hospitals taminflu felt enough for the patient suspect bird flu treatment. "Stock of existing drugs is still able to treat patients infected with H5N1 or avian influenza is not enough and it has not expired," said Gustvianof.

              A few days ago in the village of Kampung Lintang, Sunur Nagari, District Nan Sabaris, Padangpariaman district, hundreds of ducks died suddenly public property allegedly caused by the H5N1 virus or bird flu.

              In order to anticipate the wider spread of the ducks that are in the area, the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Dispernak) District 169 Pariaman destroy young ducks suspected of contracting the H5N1 virus or bird flu.
              Sources: Ant