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​Indonesia - North Sulawesi : dead birds in the Southeast Minahasa area due to avian influenza

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  • ​Indonesia - North Sulawesi : dead birds in the Southeast Minahasa area due to avian influenza


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    May 26, 2018 12:03

    Distanak Sulut Down Samples at Mitra

    Bird Flu Findings, Livestock Traffic Tightened

    MANADOPOSTONLINE.COM - Agriculture and Livestock Services (Distanak) justifies dead birds in the Southeast Minahasa area due to avian influenza. Head of Distanak Sulut Novly Wowiling said, his team was temporarily down to take samples and secure so that the virus is not widespread. "So the bird flu virus is kind of erratic, sometimes it comes, sometimes not, but our team has come down to South Minahasa to do the handling in accordance with the procedure," he said.

    He added that the handling of Distanak such as surveillance or direct observation of the environment and disinfecting or using chemicals in place of sudden cattle death. It has closed the livestock traffic from areas that are temporarily handled. "Now we are tightening the cattle from the area we are handling to get out or under another area, and we have three areas in South Minahasa, one of them is Tababo village, which is the first bird flu, but they are late reporting, and we are quickly in the handling so that no people who contracted this virus, "he said.

    Education to the community according to Wowiling is also important. Because the community must also be readily in reading the situation. According to him, when there are cattle that died suddenly, the public must quickly report and conduct temporary repression. "So if the temporary handling of the community is to burn livestock and bury it, do not throw it away indiscriminately let alone throw in the river If done like this then the virus will circulate widely and hard to be overcome," he said.

    He added that poultry that died suddenly and identified terjangkit bird flu already hundreds. And that's called already buried. Called, the trend of this virus is when it has been handled it will immediately disappear and will not develop into other areas. But if people just throw dead birds then the virus will develop to other areas. "The spread of this virus if it is not handled then it is very unusual.It will very much ungas rapidly terjangkit.Serta community will also have the potential terjangkit this bird flu virus because it is rapidly we directly handle not to spread," he concluded.

    Known, 788 birds were detected bird flu virus in three villages in Belang District. Department of Agriculture through the Field of Livestock will do the destruction of poultry in bulk. "Especially in the Belang area. Because of the results of the initial examination, 788 birds are indicated positive bird flu. But we can not determine what virus is indicated. Is H5N1 or H9N1, "said Head of Livestock Donald Lumingkewas, last Thursday.

    Even so, it will coordinate with the district. To convey to the citizens related to this mass destruction. "Because there could be people who do not want their poultry destroyed. For that we will socialize first, "explained Donald.

    Donald continued, it continues to anticipate by preventing the circulation of birds that have been detected in the market virus. Besides also doing spraying poultry cage. In fact, Lumingkewas said, in APBD-Change later, it would propose a budget for the prevention of bird flu. By inserting in the emergency response budget of infectious diseases originating from animals. "We will propose this soon. By entering into APBD Changes, "he said. (tr-02 / tan)
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela