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Indonesia: Bird flu in chickens in Merauke Regency, Papua Province

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in chickens in Merauke Regency, Papua Province


    As a result of Avian Influenza in Merauke, 168 Thousand Chicken Confirmed Dead
    Head of Agriculture Quarantine Class I Merauke Sudirman, SP gave a statement to reporters at one of the Cafe in Merauke, Saturday (4/7). Photo-Getty / TN
    Published on July 5, 2020, 21:14 Asia / Jayapura

    TEROPONGNEWS.COM, MERAUKE - Head of Agriculture Quarantine Class I Merauke Sudirman, SP said, since last May, there were 168 thousand race chickens in Merauke Regency died, due to bird flu epidemic.

    "What was confirmed directly from the Animal Husbandry Department was the number of dead chickens as much as 168 thousand, due to bird flu, both breeder chickens and native chickens," Sudirman told reporters at one of the Cafes in Merauke, Saturday (4/7).

    In addition, the results of the Agricultural Quarantine Laboratory test results prove that the death of chickens in Merauke due to bird flu. It has been released, and submitted to the Director General of Animal Husbandry at the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Further said, the authority to handle cases of bird flu in Merauke is a regional authority, namely the Animal Husbandry Office of Merauke Regency. Especially for control. Because the chickens are also distributed outside the area.

    Currently, related to this outbreak, Merauke needs to be anticipated, because the supply of eggs in Merauke is the result of local egg production. The process of spreading is very fast, one must have all been affected. Supposedly, the remaining chickens must be destroyed completely.

    Given the enormous losses that can occur, if completely destroyed, the policy taken is the dead first destroyed, while the healthy are controlled through vaccines.

    "The Health Service controls all the vaccines. So this must be anticipated, not to become more widespread in Merauke, "he stressed.

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    News8 July 2020 15:52
    Minister Terawan Is Surprised There Is A Bird Flu Case In Merauke

    Jayapura, BUMIPAPUA.COM- Minister of Health, Terawan Agus Putranto was shocked by the case of bird flu in Merauke. He admitted that he had not yet received the report.
    During his visit to Merauke, Terawan did not know that thousands of chickens died in Merauke due to bird flu or the H5N1 virus.
    "I don't know yet, I'll check first. No, there hasn't been a report to me yet," Irawan said while turning to the Deputy Regent of Merauke, Sularso, in a press statement at the Merauke Regent's Office, Wednesday (8/7).
    Previously, the Implementing Agency of the Livestock and Health Service Office of Merauke, Marthinus, confirmed that 68 thousand laying hens had died suddenly due to bird flu. This number does not include residents' ducks and birds, as well as unreported cases.
    "There is no increase in emergency status due to the spread of bird flu and the status of Merauke is still as usual," he said.
    Chicken deaths in Merauke have occurred since December 2019. Chicken deaths continue to occur along with the spread of COVID-19 corona in Meruake.
    Marthinus said the highest chicken mortality occurred in March 2020. "Laboratory test results confirmed the death of chickens in Merauke is positive for bird flu," he said.
    Marthinus said that he had reported this to the central government and is currently waiting for vaccine and drug assistance from the Director General of the Ministry of Animal Husbandry and Health.
    "For initial prevention, we spray disinfectant liquid into the cages of laying hens breeders," he explained.