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Severe outbreak of diarrhea in Papua, Indonesia

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  • Severe outbreak of diarrhea in Papua, Indonesia

    From the Indonesian Department of Health...

    toggeltext-ed from Indonesian:

    KLB Diarrhoea Papua needed Intensive Assistance in the Level of the Regency
    May 4, 2006

    The Extraordinary incident (KLB) Diarrhoea in the Jaya Wijaya Regency needed the serious handling, both by the government of the Centre and the Area. Was based on the conclusion of the field of the team of the Department of the Health for the control KLB Diarrhoea that was sent to the Jayawijaya Regency including mentioning that this KLB problem needed intensive assistance in the level of the Regency.

    The urgent requirement for intensive assistance by the local government, produced the instruction by the Jayawijaya regent to all the related side in the control KLB Diarrhoea. To the Health rank was instructed to:

    - formed the Health Command Post in the Village office or the strategic place lainnya

    - prepared the Logistics secukpnya

    - found immediately the sufferer Diarrhoea baru

    - handled the sufferer adequately/layak

    - did medical treatment against kontak

    - gave counselling to

    - did the precaution was as maximal mungkin

    - to the Settlement Service and the Infrastructure of the Territory was instructed untuk

    - Immediately carried out the Bupatilist instruction

    - coordinated KLB control efforts in his work territory

    - reported the KLB development every day to the Regent.

    - Whereas to all the social strata was asked for to report immediately if knew had the Diare sufferer

    - Stop now or restricted the implementation of the party/the traditional ceremony burnt the stone up to KLB diarrhoea in the Jaya Wijaya Regency

    - carried out the pattern of the clean life with; memasank the drinking water until boiled, cooked food through to ripe, washed the hands with soap before eating, defecated in the certain place, maintained the cleanliness honei/the house and the environment, did the eradication of the fly

    The other conclusion that was results of the field findings of the team of the Department of the Health that was included in the report on the meeting of the KLB Handling Co-ordination in the Jayawijaya Regency and Yahukimo on April 27 2006 in Wamena mentioned that the Jayawijaya Regency still in the KLB situation and the official did not yet do the tracing of the case to the field as well as prevention efforts. The obstacle that was dealt with including the geographical condition, the shortage of the doctor's power in the Community Health Centre and the nonexistence of the operational vehicle in the Field. The challenge that was dealt with in the future that is needed by him time 4 mingggu to handle KLB Diarrhoea.

    Therefore, by assessing along with the challenge and the obstacle that were dealt with, the situation of the Expert's Staff Health Minister the Increase Field in the Institutional Capacity and Decentralisation, Drs. H. Dwidja Susana, SE, MM, gave several directives, in part.

    - Help as early as possible.

    - severing efforts of the chain penularan

    - the Handling was carried out in a manner the border crossing co-operation.

    - made use of the potential for related regency resources.

    - power Readiness and the health logistics did not happen the medicine emptiness and jaringannya

    - involved the good sector passage formal and non formal

    The KLB control system in the Jayawijaya Regency and Yahukimo will apply the passive and active pattern. The passive system that is by maximising the Hospital, the Community Health Centre and the auxiliary Community Health Centre (PUSTU) that was alerted for 24 hours as well as by applying the mechanism pelaporan and penacatatan that good. Whereas the active system was carried out by forming the team of the field in the tracing of the sufferer, contact medical treatment, counselling, and intevensi the environment as well as the implementation pelaporan and the good registration.

    The step anything that was carried out, efforts penanggulanagn KLB in this Papua province needed the co-operation of the sector passage, not only the government, but also the element of the community generally that among them direpresentasikan in the forum for the Non-governmental Organisation.
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

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    Re: Severe outbreak of diarrhea in Papua, Indonesia

    Note that a boy has reportedly died of bird flu isomewhere n Papua:
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes