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Indonesia: No bird flu in poultry in Mimika, Papua Province- AI reported in hospital death

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  • Indonesia: No bird flu in poultry in Mimika, Papua Province- AI reported in hospital death


    Disnaktanbun: Tidak Ada Flu Burung di Mimika
    Kamis , 19 Juli 2012 19:45:22
    Oleh : Waddi Armi

    Google translation:

    Disnaktanbun: No bird flu in Mimika
    Thursday, July 19, 2012 19:45:22
    By: Armi Waddi

    KBRN, Timika: Department of Livestock, Agriculture and Plantation Mimika District asserts there is no true death toll from bird flu virus in the area.

    Mimika Disnaktanbun head, John Wicklif Tegai in Timika, on Thursday (19/7) said on June 24 there is a resident of Kampung Omawita, Mimika District Far East Hospital treated at Community Partners (RSMM) Timika.

    Several days after treatment, the patient died. The hospital is state of these patients died of bird flu virus. Moreover, in the neighborhood of these patients there is a lot of dead chickens.

    Report the death of patients with suspected bird flu virus was submitted to the Ministry of Health of Indonesia in Jakarta and then forwarded to the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

    In response to this information, follow up by sending Mimika Disnaktanbun Head of Animal Health drh Sabelina Fitriani with staff to Kampung Omawita.

    Sabelina with his staff took samples sweb specimen (mucus in the throat and cloaca) in Kampung chickens Omawita and blood serum to be sent to the Center for Veterinary Maros, South Sulawesi to be further investigated.

    The team, led Sabelina also perform a rapid test to determine whether poultry in the village of Omawita is really the bird flu virus or not. The team also conducts different carcasses of diseased poultry. The test results showed a negative result of bird flu.

    Maros Veterinary Center also recommends against the bird flu negative results of blood samples from Kampung chicken Omawita. Based on laboratory test results, the Disnaktanbun Mimika confirmed that to date no cases of bird flu in Timika.

    According to John Tegai, in March of his staff have done to health surveillance in Mimika and poultry surveillance results showed a negative result of bird flu.

    The case of the death of poultry in large quantities in Kampung Omawita it, as John Tegai, due to virus attacks Deases Newcastle (ND) or Newcastle disease which is endemic in every chicken farm.

    John Tegai added that bird flu cases have occurred in Timika around 2004. At that time, death of chickens in large numbers in several locations around the town of Timika. Mimika Disnak steps taken at the time the culling chickens belonging to the ranchers.

    However, within the last three years, no cases of bird flu in Timika. Ministry of Agriculture through the Directorate General of Livestock expects to Papua in 2013 was certified free of bird flu. (WDA / ant)
    (Editor: Waddi Armi)