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Indonesia: Bird Flu in poultry in West Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird Flu in poultry in West Java


    Hundreds of Poultry in Cimahi Test Positive for Avian Influenza Virus, Avian Influenza Vaccination Intensified
    Restu Nugraha
    - Friday, March 3, 2023 | 15:02 WIB

    CIMAHI, AYOBANDUNG.COM - The Food and Agriculture Service (Dispangtan) of Cimahi City recorded 172 birds positive for the Avian Influenza (AI) virus due to bird flu. Of that number, 49 died on the spot.

    To anticipate this virus spreading to other areas, the Cimahi city government will tighten vaccinations and spraying in coops for chickens, ducks and turkeys.

    "We have procured 600 doses of the vaccine. These will be distributed to 15 urban villages," said the Head of Agriculture at the Cimahi City Dispangtan Mita Mustikasari when contacted, Friday 3 March 2023.

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    RSHS Beware of Bird Flu, Dozens of Medical Personnel Have Been Alerted, It Has Affected Cimahi and Cirebon Cities
    Wednesday, March 8, 2023 17:41

    ​​​​​​TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG - Hasan Sadikin Central General Hospital (RSHS) Bandung is wary of bird flu or avian influenza (H5N1) transmission.

    Until now it is known, in West Java this bird flu has attacked a number of poultry in Cimahi City and Cirebon City.

    RSHS Pinere Team Leader, dr. Yovita Hartantri, Sp.PD-KPTI, said that bird flu has been around for a long time.

    From 2003 to 2023, there were around 873 cases worldwide, and around 450 of them died...

    ...."We have carried out preparedness at RSHS, we have received information and outreach on preparedness for avian flu infection. So far we have a special infection team that has a tendency to cause outbreaks," said Yovita at RSHS Bandung, Wednesday (8/3/2023).

    He said that he already has a room for handling special infections with negative pressure, namely the Kemuning Special Infection Isolation Room. Ventilators are also equipped.

    He said that since 2007 RSHS has received cases of H5N1 in humans.

    The handling of the H5N1 case, he said, would not be much different from the handling of previous similar cases, or Covid-19.

    All officers will wear PPE, have separate management SOPs, and special lines for handling them.

    According to him, H5N1 in humans has not been detected in Indonesia, after this case occurred in Cambodia....​​​​


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      Dozens of Poultry Livestock in Bandung Die Suddenly due to Bird Flu
      Rifat Alhamidi - detikJabar
      Thursday, 09 Mar 2023 14:16 WIB

      Bandung -

      Cases of bird flu are increasing again in West Java. After being reported in Cirebon City and Cimahi City, cases of avian influenza (AI) H5N1 have now been found in Bandung Regency.

      Information received by detikJabar, cases of bird flu that occurred in Bandung Regency attacked 18 poultry owned by local farmers. According to reports, 15 free-range chickens died suddenly on February 27-29 and 3 wild ducks died on March 6, 2023.

      "In Bandung there were dead birds and tested positive for bird flu. Bandung was only detected after the cities of Cirebon and Cimahi," said Head of the West Java Health Office's Surveillance and Immunization Working Team Dewi Ambarwati when contacted by journalists, Thursday (9/3/2023).

      Dewi ensured that the case of bird flu found in Bandung Regency was not transmitted to humans. Now, said Dewi, the case is being handled by the Bandung District Animal Husbandry Service.

      However, as anticipation, the West Java Health Office has mapped out preparedness regarding the possibility of transmitting bird flu to humans. Starting from giving directions to the puskesmas as the front guard to preparing referral hospitals for potential transmission of these cases to humans.

      "But hopefully it won't transmit to humans. At least, now we are preparing preparedness for whatever needs to be done, including preparing a referral hospital," he said.

      Just to note, the West Java Provincial Government is now being vigilant against an outbreak of bird flu. The Food Security and Agriculture Service (DKPP) noted that there were already 2 areas in West Java that were reported to be exposed to the avian influenza (AI) virus, namely Cirebon City and Cimahi City.

      In Cirebon City, cases of bird flu have been detected since January 2023. Meanwhile in Cimahi City, cases only appeared recently after dozens of birds owned by residents in Padasuka Village, Central Cimahi District, Cimahi City, died suddenly in stages on 16-21 February 2023.

      **The title of this news was changed at 16.28 WIB, Thursday (9/3/2023). The source stated that he had incorrectly stated the location of the incident.


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        Cases of Bird Flu Found in Sumedang After Six Poultry Sudden Death, Farmers Are Quarantined
        Monday, March 20, 2023 14:54
        Author: Kiki Andriana | Editor: Gire Sumedang Contributor Report, Kiki Andriana

        TRIBUNJABAR.ID, SUMEDANG - Six native chickens and three ducks died suddenly in Sumedang.

        The case of the death of the poultry was later tested positive for exposure to bird flu (Avian influenza).

        The death of the nine birds occurred in Girimukati Village, North Sumedang District, Sumedang Regency.

        The Sumedang Livestock and Fisheries Service (Disnakan) has already taken action by quarantining breeders in the area.

        However, apart from carrying out quarantine, breeders are also advised to see a doctor and report if they feel sick.

        "This is a zoonosis (transmitted from animals to humans). If the breeder is sick, report it immediately," said the Head of the Sumedang Animal Husbandry Service, Nandang Suparman, to, Monday (20/3/2023).

        He said the move was taken to prevent wider bad consequences.

        Although, the location where the dead birds were found was only in one place.

        Nandang Suparman said the case of a sudden poultry death occurred in Girimukti Village on March 6 2023.

        The owner then reported the incident to the village government, then the information reached the Sumedang Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Service.

        "Our officers went to the location to take blood samples to be submitted to the Subang Veterinary Center, then destroyed the dead birds," said Nandang.

        On March 10, 2023, the results of checking at the veterinary laboratory were available. In fact, the dead birds were positive for Avian influenza.

        "This is also a warning, if there are livestock that suddenly get sick and still have time to be slaughtered, it's better to be careful. We don't really know if it's bird flu or not, but we have to be careful to worry that suddenly sick birds will become infected," he said. (*)