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Bojonegoro (beritajatim.com) - Two sub-districts in Bojonegoro Regency have bird flu virus. Two sub-districts namely Kanor District and Kedungadem District.

At least 380 birds have been reported dead from bird flu. Deadly virus for poultry animals began to attack since December 2017 and until now.

Head of Animal Husbandry Department of Animal Husbandry and Fishery, Bojonegoro Regency, Sugiharti S. Rahaju, revealed, the spread of bird flu virus was initially attacked poultry farmers in the village of Simbatan, Kanor District. "Because it was late when reporting so the virus spreads," he said on Tuesday (30/1/2018).

In Kanor District, bird flu virus spread in four breeders. Among livestock belonging to Mahfud, from 400 laying chickens as many as 105 heads died, then livestock belonging to Fajar Mahmudi, from the number of 600 chickens laying dead 60 tails, owned by breeder Sulkan Imron, from the number of livestock 40 tail 40 dead and Sunarto's 1.800 dead 5 tail.

While in Kedungadem District, bird flu virus attacked poultry owned by Mul Sutiono breeder. Of his 200 laying chickens as many as 170 tail died. The bird flu virus was known after the animal health team checked the test results rapid test with AIV arigen kit that showed positive.

"Most of the dead chickens are not given the AI ​​vaccine, and because of weather factors, during transition and extreme weather poultry will be more susceptible to disease," he explained.

In order for the deadly and infectious virus to humans it does not spread, so any dead birds should be buried, if the new symptoms should immediately be given desinvektan, prohibit poultry traffic and merchants go into the location of the case, quarantine the remaining laying hens with autoclosed and tight biosecurity.