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Indonesia: H5N1? in poultry in Cirebon Regency- suspected human case died

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  • Indonesia: H5N1? in poultry in Cirebon Regency- suspected human case died


    Satu Warga Pangenan Meninggal, Terindikasi Suspect Flu Burung
    Mar 6, 2017

    Google translation:

    The Citizens Died Pangenan, Indicated Suspect Bird Flu
    Mar 6, 2017 - A resident from the village 03 RT 01 RW 06, Village Pangenan, Pangenan district, Cirebon regency died, allegedly suspect bird flu.

    Victim named Joko Muryanto (60) known to have died on Sunday (05/03) at around 15:00 pm in the General Hospital (Hospital) Gunungjati, Cirebon.

    Based on information collected, Sunday (05/03) morning to deliver his victim moved in one area in Cirebon.

    After the transfer is, at approximately 10:00 am the victim of a self-check to the hospital Gunungjati to check his condition.

    In the process of medical records, the victim finally decided treated, and at 15:00 pm the victim was declared dead, allegedly terjanghkit bird flu virus.

    "That afternoon around 16:00 pm of DHO Cirebon take to the pitch, check the location. He said he would check bird flu. Though time Friday (03/03) yesterday he played with me in the cage ducks, yes he did not complain of anything, "said Zohar, Kaur Ekbang Pangenan village, while visiting the stud duck suspected of bird flu on Monday ( 06/03).

    Zohar said the duck farm which has been running for half a month, there are four dead duck.

    "In a month and a half, there were four dead duck," he said. (Riky Sonia)

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    Hasil Tes, Itik yang Mati di Cirebon Positif Flu Burung
    Selasa, 7 Maret 2017 | 16:29 WIB

    Google translation:

    Test results, Ducks Dead in Cirebon Positive Bird Flu
    Tuesday, March 7, 2017 | 16:29 pm

    CIREBON, - The results of the examination of fluid samples from poultry breeds in the stables Village Pangenan, Pangenan subdistrict, Cirebon regency, West Java, showed positive for bird flu.

    Results are based on two types of tests, the rapid test and video convertion reaction (VCR).

    The announcement was made Head of Agriculture, Ali Afendi when met at his office on Tuesday morning (07.03.2017).

    Examination once the sampling carried out on poultry breeds of chickens belonging to the late Jim and ducks also located about 200 meters from the house Joko.

    "Sunday at 10 noon, our staff chief veterinarian perform rapid tests on a number of chickens belonging to Joko, everything was negative of bird flu. But the results of the rapid test on a neighbor's duck positive for bird flu. Both of these birds were retested with VCR method to Bandung. The result is the same yesterday, negative chickens, ducks positive, "he explained.

    Shortly after the test, the Department of Agriculture directly spraying in most point area so that the virus does not spread.

    Ali together with the Department of Health, a team from the province, and the Ministry of Health also conducted a number of socialization appeal directly to the public.

    Based on the available data, Ali said, until Tuesday, as many as 105 ducks and 33 chickens died.
    Author: Contributor Cirebon KompasTV, Mohammed Syahri Romdhon
    Editor: Farid Assifa

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    THURSDAY, 09 MARCH, 2017 | 08:18 WIB
    2 Suspected Human Cases of Bird Flu in Cirebon

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Two suspected human cases of bird flu have been detected in Cirebon, West Java.

    Tempo gathered that 2 people have been treated in Gunung Jati Hospital isolation room since Sunday, March 5, 2017.

    The Health Ministry’s director general of disease prevention and control M Subuh has confirmed the report. “Because both have made direct contacts with birds tested positive for bird flu,” Subuh said on Wednesday at Gunung Jati Hospital.

    Subuh said that results of laboratory tests will come out within the next two to three days, adding that the two patients’ conditions had improved. When pressed about the death of a resident of Pangenan sub-district, Cirebon, from alleged avian influenza, Subuh said that the hospital did not take the blood sample.

    But the current patient is the child [of the deceased]. The blood sample will be taken from the child,” Subuh said. If the test proved negative, it would mean that the father was also tested negative for bird flu and vice versa.
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