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Indonesia: Bird flu in ducks in Lamongan Regency, E. Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in ducks in Lamongan Regency, E. Java


    Senin, 31 Oktober 2016 - 10:30
    Ratusan Bebek di Lamongan Mati Mendadak Peternak bebek Fahmi Sabil Ansori menunjukkan unggas peliharaannya yang diduga terserang flu burung, Senin (31/10/2016).

    Google translation:

    Monday, October 31, 2016 - 10:30
    Hundreds of ducks in Lamongan Sudden Death Duck Breeders Fahmi Sabil Ansori show kept poultry suspected bird flu on Monday (31/10/2016).

    TIMESINDONESIA, LAMONGAN - Hundreds of ducks owned by ranchers in the Village / District Kembangbahu, Lamongan, East Java, died suddenly within the last week.

    Animals belonging to Fahmi Sabil Ansori poultry that died suddenly in stages is allegedly caused by the bird flu virus or Avian Influenza (AI). "700 dead duck in stages for more than 10 days," he said, Monday (31/10/2016).

    He said that day, his pet duck, dead from 30 to 40 fish, up to the total of deaths reached 700 tails. "Ducks are left now only 50, the age of the new duck 45 days," said Fahmi.

    Furthermore, Fahmi said, the characteristics of a pet duck that died suddenly, that there is a sign in his blue eyes.

    For the incident, Fahmi then report to the officer of the Livestock and Animal Health (Disnak and Keswan) Lamongan. According to him, the officer came to test on the spot.

    "The animal husbandry department has been to the site and do a rapid test and tested positive for bird flu," he said.

    He immediately burn the carcasses of poultry and officers were given disinfectant is sprayed into the area of ​​the enclosure. "I kept spraying disinfectant to anticipate the spread of bird flu virus," said Fahmi.

    Fahmi admitted, he suffered losses of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah due to the pet ducks died suddenly of bird flu. "Losses 13 million, because soon want to harvest." (*)
    Announcers: Ardiyanto
    Editor: Revelation Nurdiyanto
    Publisher: Rochmat Shobirin