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Indonesia: Bird flu in Bekasi Regency, W. Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in Bekasi Regency, W. Java


    Google translation:

    Bekasi regency shortage of bird flu surveillance
    Friday, April 1, 2016 18:25 pm | 2,497 Views
    Announcers: Andi Firdaus

    Cikarang, Bekasi (ANTARA News) - The government of Bekasi, West Java, shortage tenanga supervisors in order to prevent bird flu being spread in the local area throughout 2016.

    "Currently, bird flu surveillance conducted only two officers to oversee the five districts. Ideally one officer for one sub-district," said Head of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Wahyudi Asmar district in Cikarang Bekasi on Friday.

    According to him, the officer when conducting surveillance of poultry distribution in 24 districts of Bekasi Regency remember Bekasi Regency area is often a distribution path poultry to Jakarta and surrounding areas.

    The officer will provide vaccines and spraying disinfectant on vehicles distribution of cattle originating from outside the area.

    The officer stationed in the border district of Jalan Raya Bekasi as Kalimalang, Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro and Jalan Rengas Bandung.

    "It is very difficult to monitor the flow of poultry distribution in Bekasi for a limited number of officers and their work time was only eight hours," he said.

    For that it is expecting the participation of the public to monitor and report if there are birds that have died suddenly in large quantities.

    Surveillance efforts do it pascatemuan cases sudden death of tens of poultry since January-March 2016 a number of places in Bekasi.

    "From January to March 2016 there were 467 poultry breeds of chickens, ducks and ducks were positive for bird flu," he said.

    The case consists of the findings on January 20, 2016 as many as 450 ducks in Kampung Pondok Soga RT 08/04, Village Pantaihurip, District Babelan.

    The next finding occurred on February 7, 2016, six chickens and a duck positive for bird flu in the Compass Housing Sinar Utama, Jalan Melati RT05 / 05, Mekarsari Village, District of South Tambun.

    A similar case also occurred on March 3, 2016 as many as 11 chickens were positive for bird flu in Kampung Cikuya RT 14/01, Village Cibatu, Cikarang District Centre.

    "We believe this case is still something to do with similar events in Jakarta recently," he said.

    Editor: B Kunto Wibisono