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Indonesia: Bird flu in duck deaths reported in Lumajang, E. Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in duck deaths reported in Lumajang, E. Java


    Google translation:

    Thousands of ducks in Lumajang Dead Bird Flu
    FM Sentral report Lumajang | Saturday, April 2, 2016 | 15:32 pm - A total of 9,500 ducks owned by ranchers in the hamlet Gogosan, Sukorejo, District Kunir, Lumajang suddenly died suddenly. Department of Animal Husbandry Lumajang suspect the deaths of thousands of ducks is related to the bird flu virus.

    After doing research together, it is ascertained if the deaths of thousands of ducks is due to the bird flu virus, said Syamsudin, Head of Animal Health Lumajang District Veterinary Office to Central FM, Saturday (02/04/2016).

    Animal Husbandry Department has also conducted laboratory tests in the Animal Husbandry Department of East Java, Jogjakarta Veterenier Great Hall of the Directorate of Animal Health and the Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta. The result is unknown if the death of thousands of ducks were positive bird flu.

    Bird flu in Lumajang, known since the death of thousands of ducks on March 18 last. Since then, the death of ducks continues with the majority of ducks that died two weeks old.

    Just FYI, the duck pieces will usually be raised until the age of 35 days before being sold to the market. As for the ducks petelor productive age from 5 months to 2 years. So the ducks at the farm is attacked is a new duck pieces are still bred and ducks petelor incipient productive, he said.

    Syamsudin said stable conditions where thousands of citizens dead ducks were indeed temperature reached 37 degrees. "If the conditions are hot, then the ducks will strees and less good nutritional condition so susceptible to bird flu," he said.

    Related to this bird flu virus attacks, Lumajang Animal Husbandry Department has also distributed 35 thousand bird flu vaccine. In addition, as many as four thousand bottles of disinfectants have also been distributed to the farmers. (Her / fik)
    Editor: Fatkhurohman Taufik

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    Google translation:

    Thousands of Origin Sidorejo Dead Poultry Bird Flu Positive
    Saturday, 02-04-2016 | 14:32
    By: Achmad Arif
    Lumajang, certainty among the nearly ten thousand more birds belonging to Sunaryo, villagers Sidorejo, District Kunir, Lumajang, positive bird flu, stated Head of Animal Health, Livestock, Lumajang.

    From the laboratory results, the thousands of dead birds positive for the virus H5-N1. According to Syamsuddin Head of Animal Health Department of Animal Husbandry, from the laboratory results are known, their error in giving the vaccine. Should the vaccinated poultry breeders before laying eggs, but it was not done, even given the vaccine for chicken.

    To anticipate the Spread of this virus, officers already perform the division disinvektan and spraying disinvektan in poultry traders. So far, the spread of the bird flu virus among poultry still only, not up to humans.

    Meanwhile, according Triworo Lumajang Chief Medical Officer, in the presence of the bird flu virus that spreads through poultry, Lumajang District Health Office appealed to the public, so always wear a mask if you're signed in poultry. Another way could be to avoid direct contact with the enclosure and livestock, especially cattle enclosure and that has been infected with bird flu (pul)