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Indonesia: Bird Flu in poultry in Banyuwangi Regency, Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird Flu in poultry in Banyuwangi Regency, Java


    Google translation:

    Hundreds of Dead Birds in Banyuwangi for Bird Flu
    Saturday, March 12, 2016 | 12:30 pm

    BANYUWANGI, - Hundreds of birds died suddenly in Banyuwangi since the last two months. From the results of tests conducted by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Health Laboratory Center for Veterinary Malang and Yogyakarta, the birds tested positive for bird fu virus.

    Nahroni, one duck breeders in the village Wringinrejo, District Gambiran, say, 700 ducks which he maintained, 500 individuals of whom died alternately during the last two months. The number increased since last week.

    "The symptoms are the same blue eyes continued to shake his head early morning circuitous continue to die. It is treatable but did not succeed even semakim many dead," said Nahroni to, Saturday (12/03/2016)

    Meanwhile, Head of Animal Health Animal Husbandry Department Sugiyanto Banyuwangi Bambang explained, the results of the rapid test, it is known that the cause of chickens died suddenly being infected with bird flu virus.

    "If chickens positive for bird flu, while samples of ducks will be taken to the Center for Veterinary Wates, Yogyakarta. Animal Health Laboratory Malang turned out it had been proven that the results are really as suspected initially that as a result of bird flu that caused the death of ducks and Muscovy ducks," said Bambang told

    To anticipate the spread of poultry infected with bird flu, the Department of Livestock prohibit poultry from infected villages sold outside the region until there was found no dead birds with similar symptoms.
    Author: Contributor Banyuwangi, Ira Rachmawati
    Editor: Laksono Today Wiwoho

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    Bird Flu Appears Again, Thousands of Dead Birds in East Java
    By OnlineBerita News
    Posted on March 16, 2016
    2016 | 14:42 pm

    Surabaya - Bird flu appears again. The case is the first one in 2016 was found in two locations in East Java, namely in Banyuwangi and Lamongan, which caused the death of nearly 6,000 birds consists of a kind of duck, chicken, and stuck.

    Two locations rather, Hamlet Wringinagung, Sumberejo, Gambiran subdistrict, Banyuwangi, and Village Sembung Sukorame subdistrict, Lamongan. One person in Banyuwangi farmers had even checked because they took sick and suspected of contracting zoonoses, or diseases that come from animals.

    Head of Animal Health, Animal Husbandry Department of East Java Province, Iswahyudi said the new cases of bird flu were reported recently by farmers on March 8, 2016. In fact, thousands of their birds die from a week earlier.

    "Because they consider the death of birds is common. If the sick cow, has been reported, "he said when contacted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.

    However, Iswahyudi added a second case of bird flu was under control. Animal Husbandry Department of East Java, he said, lowering the Rapid Response Unit team and the team of animal health laboratories. "We do control the form of biosecurity to destroy and bury the carcasses and leftover poultry droppings."

    The remaining birds were not dead and appear healthy also implemented biosecurity and imposed traffic restrictions. Pets, be brought out and not just anyone was allowed in and out of the cage.

    "For a month cages rested, then sprayed disinfectant in order to bring down the cause of the disease," he said.

    For owners of poultry that died, the government does not provide compensation. According Iswahyudi, as mandated by Act 41 of 2014 that the animal has been declared infected animals can not be compensated. "However, we will provide free vaccines for bird flu," he added.


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      Google translation:

      Thousands of Dead Birds in Banyuwangi Positive Bird Flu
      Home / News / Thousands of Dead Birds in Banyuwangi Positive Bird Flu
      Saturday, 19-03-2016

      TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI - Thousands of birds that died suddenly in the village Weringin Court, District Gambiran, Banyuwangi, a month ago, the positive result of bird flu. The statement was made Head of the Animal Health Department of Livestock Banyuwangi, Bambang Sugianto.

      "Based on our saliva and anal fluids using a rapid test, thousands of these birds died of bird flu," he said, Saturday (03/19/2016).

      Since its inception, the Office already suspect the cause of poultry deaths serempat local villages because of bird flu. But since there is no research, Bambang could not confirm.

      "The clinical symptoms of bird flu has shown, after further testing results are positive for bird flu," gemblangnya.

      Currently the agency prohibit poultry from infected villages sold outside the region. The goal, to further minimize the bird flu outbreak other regions. Moderate to anticipate the outbreak of the bird flu virus to humans, Bambang said the agency has distributed the vaccine in the poultry farmers in the village of Weringin Court, District Gambiran.

      "For birds that are still alive can be vaccinated," said Bambang.

      Previous thousands of poultry in the village Weringin Court, District Gambiran, Banyuwangi, died suddenly. Before dying, these birds, mucus from the mouth, so that the birds lost appetite. And in a matter of hours poultry - birds are dead. (*)