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Indonesia: Bird Flu in poultry in Kuningan, W. Java area

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  • Indonesia: Bird Flu in poultry in Kuningan, W. Java area


    Google translation:

    Bird Flu Spread to Four Districts in Kuningan
    Written By: ingpada: Thursday, March 3 2016pada: Headline, District Kuningan

    KUNINGAN - Kuningan Residents who have poultry to be more vigilant. Therefore, poultry suspected bird flu (avian influenza) have a lot in Kuningan. Dead birds is not just dozens, but thousands. These events have occurred since the date of 15 to 26 February.

    Kuningan Distanakan of the data, there are four points of bird flu, namely District Sindangagung, Ciawigebang, Luragung, and Cimahi. The fourth location has been handled by a team of Rapid Response Unit (URC) District Kuningan.

    "Tim has handled according SOP URC. Flu outbreaks during the rainy season is very fast, "said Kadistanakan Kuningan, Ir Hj Triastami through the Head of Animal Health and Public Health Suhyana to Radar, yesterday (2/3).

    The man nicknamed Nana tells no reports of bird flu on Tuesday (1/3). But after URC teams into the field, not found carcasses. Possible dead birds have been removed, so it can not anigen rapid diagnostic tests AIV.

    It hoped, in cases of poultry deaths, immediately report because the officer URC limited. They can not comb to all poultry farmers.

    Nana advised residents to poultry cages cleaned, stop exit / entry of poultry, tighten bioscurity cage. Then, vaccination in healthy birds, and quickly reported the event of death of poultry suspected bird flu. "Fuel and grave carcasses of dead birds and should not be discarded into a pond or river," the message.

    "Come, we protect our poultry from bird flu. At this point most of the four poultry owned by citizens, "he said.

    Distanakan party, he said, not knowing in sectors two and three, where there was a large company. "Usually at the company has its own officers. They are rarely reported to the authorities, it is often reported from four sectors, which consist of small farmers. No information could be bird flu from breeders, the clerk, the village, the village midwife / health centers, "he said.

    Distanakan itself, he said, already anticipating the flu outbreaks during the rainy season. This was evident at the end of 2015 held a one-day traning unit, rapid reaction to bird flu. Hopefully, this training spread of the bird flu virus could be anticipated so it does not spread to other areas.

    Currently, he said, there are a total of 18 people selected to the team URC. Initially there were only six people. At the beginning of the year conducted training for 12 people, bringing the total to 18 people.

    Those who joined the URC team, in addition to veterinarians, as well as the officers who were in Puskeswan. "The handling of bird flu there on their shoulders," he said.

    Separately, Kadesh Ciomas Subdistrict Ciawigebang, Adi Broken justify poultry deaths occurred in the village-owned businesses. Chicken deaths reached 15 thousand heads, and now only five thousand. (Mus)